Rainbow Bridge
January 12, 2003
Kyle August 11 1988 to January 12 2003 

I said goodbye to my best friend today
I was the hardest thing I ever did.

Kyle is now at the bridge

Debra, Kyle(at the bridge) and Tiny (his sister still with me)

Your name on Earth was Kyle,
Debra was your mother,
And I know she loved you more and more,
She loves you like no other.
Now your name is Angel,
And what a sight you are,
I see you every single night,
When I look up at the stars.
We see you running wild and free,
We hear you singing song,
We feel your presence with us,
We feel it all day long.
I think I'll call you Angel Kyle,
That sounds good to me,
Even though we miss you so,
We know you're healthy as can be.
You take care, our Angel Kyle,
We'll see you soon old friend,
And we'll take care of Debra for you,
Until you meet again.

© Charls Cain 2003

Suggestions from Debra for an Emergency Kit
Here are some things I thought might be useful in case of emergencies

Things you may need when you have a diabetic pet

Digestive enzymes powder (promotes good intestinal health) this can be got
in a health food store, vets, or Walmart brand name Dr. GoodPet

^^^^^^^^^^For when they won't eat, or for Hypo^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

when they go Hypoglycemic (in case of hypo first give caro syrup or corn
syrup rub into gums and on tongue if you can, continue to do so until he/she
comes to.  Then see if he/she will eat if not force feed.  If you have a
glucometer, monitor him/her closely, if you don't have one get your furkid
to the emergency ASAP!

Feeding syringe (ask vet)
Baby food (meat and broth types)
Pablum (prefferably rice cereal) mix in with the baby food to force feed
with syringe.

Glucerna (specially formatted for diabetic people) (this is optional if you
have a feeding syringe and the abve foods)

^^^^^^^^^For Diarrhea^^^^^^^^^^^^

Keopectate pills or liquid (for diarrhea) dosage is the same as for an
adult person as  for a dog  who weighs 53lbs,   sorry don't know about cats

Pedialyte liquid
in case of dehydration, use with a feeding syringe or use in water

Peptobismol tablets or liquid (this eases nausea)
Metoclopramide tablets (ask vet, this is an appetite stimulant, it also
eases nausea )

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