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My Precious Boy "Jordi"
 Rainbow Bridge 
December 8, 2005

Memories of Jordi

I got Jordi when he was 7 weeks old, when I really needed a little furry friend to bring sunshine into my life. He was my little boy until he was 12 ½. 

Jordi became hypothyroid at age 6, and then was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes at age 8. He became cushionoid, had seizures briefly, and was prone to bladder stones that were removed 4 times in his lifetime. He had a long list of diagnoses, and difficult times with his health, but none of these defined him. 

Eventually we joined the pet diabetes email list, where people and pets from all over the world learned about managing diabetes in our pets. We made great friends with the listers, and they informed and supported us for several years. 

Last spring Jordi was diagnosed with Lymphoma that couldn’t be treated due to his advanced age and many serious health challenges. Ten days ago I made the agonizing decision to let him go the Rainbow Bridge. I could have taken palliative measures that would have made him more comfortable, but not well for 2 weeks to 2 months. 

Jordi had stopped standing, walking, eating, and even one morning, he refused to drink. To my horror, the light had gone out of his eyes. For the first time in his life, I could not sense what he wanted me to do. I could not bear to let him be in such pain just to stay with me a little longer. And so with Uncle Ian by his side, and Jordi in my lap, I let my little boy go. 

I miss him with all my heart. Jordi taught me so much about friendship and joy, compassion and responsibility. He taught me the most about hope and unconditional love. 

Here are my special, amazing and happy memories of my Jordi:

· Jordi would make “ar ra ra” noises to “speak” when he wanted something, like to go out or to go home or to sit on my lap. He would pause to let the human talk before responding, like it was a conversation 

· Just once, he sang along to the sound of a siren heard outside. It was amazing

· When Jordi was little and ate kibble, he would hide it all kinds of places, like my shoes & even tall boots and briefcase, or around my apartment or other people’s houses. I think he was saving it for a snack, or sending me to work with a snack for during the day

· Jordi loved his squeaky toys and beanie babies. Favorites included bee, kangaroo, and ducky, with his most favorite being his squeaky caterpillar. When tired he would bring caterpillar to bed in his mouth, squeaking it with his nose and kissing it before falling asleep

· He was not afraid of wheelchairs, because as a puppy he was around people in wheelchairs frequently. Whenever Jordi saw someone in a wheelchair, he would hope it was a friend and go and say hello

· He loved having people visit, or going in the car to visit someone like Justine & Keisha, or Lorri and her family. He was always overjoyed if they would play with him. Jordi liked fetch and “reverse fetch”, where he would throw the toy with his mouth and the human would retrieve it for him. He taught me reverse fetch when he was blind

· Jordi and I both cried when he lost his vision over a weekend a few years ago. But he showed me his determination to enjoy life still, and in a few days he learned new commands for when he was going to bump into something, or when there was a step up or down

· He loved his best friend Rocket. When Jordi was blind for 6 months, Rocket was his seeing eye dog. Jordi would follow Rocket during walks, and he would have the confidence and determination to venture much farther on a walk if Rocket was leading him

· When one cataract was removed from his right eye after being blind for 6 months, for long periods of time, Jordi would sit and look at houses, and trees and people, with great awe and pleasure

· He had a trick where he would “swim” in the air with his front paws. He often gave me a kiss while doing this trick

· He liked to sleep during the day on my clothes worn the previous day

· Visiting Rocket and Uncle Ian was a thrill always. He & Rocket would sniff each other, and then comfortable that each was well, they would sleep in the living room or go for little walks together in the neighbourhood, the best of pals forever

· Jordi knew about 50 words, including walk, outside, commands to go to the bathroom, help (if he needed help), mommy, Rocket, Uncle Ian, Nanna, park and baby

· Jordi had both a stubborn streak and a big conscience. If he did something wrong like have an accident, his head would go down and he would hide under the bed. But if he was sure he was right to take another dogs’ toy for example, he would stare at you with no remorse, only firm certainty

· He loved drinking cold water, especially water at Uncle Ian’s house or at the park from the water fountain

· He loved meeting people & pets outside. Even though Jordi couldn’t walk far or long last summer, if there were people outside he would go say hello, and he loved to sit and listen to people chat. He especially enjoyed visiting Barb and her girls, and Cynthia and Chris from across the street

· He loved big dogs. A Rottweiler named Dillon was a friend who would lie down to play with Jordi. Whenever he saw a Rottie, he would hope it might be Dillon. He loved the long legs on Great Danes- I think he thought they were supermodels

· If I was sad, Jordi would kiss me, and often go get me some of his toys, putting them beside me to keep me company and make me feel better, as he knew they were good company and made him feel better

· Jordi loved Debbie, his special needs massage therapist. He was happy to be with her this last ½ year or so, when I had to work late or would go on overnights away with my boyfriend. Whenever he’d seen Debbie, he’d bark when I got home (which he did not otherwise do) to tell me she’d been with him. She helped him walk as well as possible towards the end of his life, and I know he appreciated her talents very much

· He remembered people he’d met that he liked all his life, like Chris, my mom, neighbor Allison, Colin and Cora

· Jordi was extremely protective and tolerant of children, feeling he needed to check on them and be near them when they were around

· He never minded the vet clinic, thrilled to meet the dogs there and see his favorite tech people. Jordi would walk to the back happily, get on the scale on his own without being asked, knowing the routine and never afraid because he knew that they would help him feel better

· He liked car rides, and would try to sit on my lap to snuggle & sleep

· Jordi liked turkey and cheese, and would want to have some if I had a sandwich. It was the only human food I let him have

· After needles & glucometer testing Jordi would be so pleased, because I’d taught him he’d done well afterwards by having a “happy dance”

· He had the biggest heart. Jordi was my best friend in good times and bad times, always thinking I was terrific, and he had tremendous confidence, knowing he was so wonderful

· His outlook was so optimistic and positive. Jordi knew he had so much joy to offer, and thought everyone was his friend, and they were

· He taught me about bravery, and determination, even if not feeling well sometimes. He taught me about life and love, and the meaning of friendship and memories. Jordi was my little boy, and I was and am so proud to have known him and to have had him in my life

· Jordi knew how to give a hug. He would place his head along my neck and stay there; sometimes so comfortable we would both sleep. He would also put his head on your shoulder for a gentle snuggle

· Jordi loved the RB reunions. He went to reunions in Sarnia, Leamington and Niagra on the Lake. He met Judy, her husband and her mother, KitKat who he chased, Margo, Annie, Kim and her little poms, Barb, Vanessa and her family and their dogs Fred & Sasha, Danna, and Adeline, Bernie, Kacey, Kelsey and Patrick.. My boyfriend David came to last reunion with his dog Casey, who reminded Judy of her lovely Queenie

· Many people, me included, are having a very hard time with Jordi gone to the Bridge. He was referred to as the “energizer bunny” by his specialist vets, because he just kept going and going, through so many health challenges. When he passed, some people on the list referred to him as their inspiration, their hero. His indomitable spirit and sheer joy for life will remain in our hearts forever.

Kathy Gravel
December 18, 2005

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