My Jake has his angel wings . . . . 

Angel Jake!
 Rainbow Bridge 
October 3rd, 2005

Jake was a wonderful companion for the past 12 years...
a very sweet, gentle natured boy who had a waggy tail for everyone he met. 
We will miss him more than more than words can say. 
I am glad he is free of pain and needles now.
He is with Thomas who was waiting at the bridge.


They haven't really been taken away.
They have only gone with the Angels to play.
They have been given wings with which to fly.
All their troubles have passed them by.

Their life in heaven now must start.
But we'll hold their memory in our hearts.
Nothing about them will be forgotten.
But now they sleep on billowy clouds of cotton.

Author Unknown

Jake was born in June of 1993.
Jake was diagnosed with diabetes in August of 2000
Jake received his angel wings on October 3rd, 2005.
Jake posed for the website allowing Gill to draw blood from his lip.
 Jake poses for Bloot Testing 
Jake continued to be happy even after going blind in December of 2004

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Jake's Midi Player

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