Ginger has her angel wings......

Birth March 20, 1996
Rainbow Bridge September 13, 2007

Memorial to Ginger
This will be the last update on our GingerBear....for the last two weeks and actually off and on for months Ginger would not want to eat...this gradually get worse ....what was strange was that she always looked so beautiful and was almost always in good spirits... so I just figured she was being picky.The last two weeks she really got that she just didn't want to eat and I have always hand fed her... she would bounce her bowl around like she always did and have gravy all over her ears but she wouldn't eat...she would smell the food and go to lick but she would back away... like she would like to but couldn't....she knew more than I did at that point... BUT she would let me as I called it help her eat...I always talked so nice to her and would lift her chin and say let Mommy help you and she let me open her mouth and out the food in and she would swallow...friday this came to an end... she started to just spit anything that went in her mouth all over the place.... I called Dr. Rider and he said to take her off the piroxicam ...I did and she ate friday night and she was so happy and full of energy sat morning...I gave her treats early sat.  morning and when we wet back to bed I took 6 more treats in and she ate them but she wouldn't eat breakfast she had a great day.... she ate a can of mighty dog sat night tho and again sunday morning...she ate sun. night again ..her and I stayed out sun. night and watched Tv and I made a grilled cheese sandwich...she helped me eat that and half a bag of trail mix....when I called Dr. Rider monday morning he said he thought we should make an appointment and have her stomach checked out and maybe give her something to stimulate her appetite... Ginger and I had a very good day monday...it was a beautiful sunny day and we did our daily couch time and time on the deck...also a good evening...she was dads' girl til I did what I had to and when I sat down she was over with me on Her couch...Tues. when I took her down he did ultrasounds and her stomach was fine...there was a mass in her intestines...he said if I planned to go on with her it should be removed and sent out for a biopsy... there was really no choice at that time I thought as Dave & I both said whatever it took and he said her vitals were good no change in the liver or kidney readings and she was strong... I asked if he was sure she would make it through...he said he didn't have any reason not to...so I see now it isnt' that they can't make it through..it might be the trauma after....so GingerBear did make it through and was cold coming out...I saw her at 4:19 and she was drowsy but I felt confident she would come home to us and even if the test results weren't in her favor we would all be together longer.... and that just wasn't meant to be...she crashed sometime between 7:23 am and 8:05 thurs. and she slowly left me at 12:30 pm....I feel she did know I was there because when I reached under her blanket to pet her her heart rate went up a little and thats what the tech vet said.... I touched her eye lashes and I could see her eyes moving ...I spent the last minutes of her life with her telling her so many things but most of all how much we loved her and would miss her..we always said she was the little girl we never had.. she was and always will be a great part of our life...there are so many words that apply to describe GingerBear but the best are she was so beautiful..so intelligent....she had pride and she was very sophisticated...she was definately a girl with an attitude....I failed trying to teach her anything..it was the other way around ..she had us wound around her little paws ..Dave & I adjusted...I could go on and on about her as there is so much to share... when you have someone in your life like we did GingerBear for the years we did there are so many good memories....we had her for 11years 1 month and 11days...we had her cremated and she will be back home with us tues and be placed on my dresser in a velvet lined maghony chest with a gold name plate "GingerBear" and be with us til we pass on and rejoin her.....I know Dr. Rider gave her that extra time with us...he diagnosed her cushings disease and that was June 5th 2006 to now ...so I'm very grateful to him...everyone at Metzgers' Animal Hospitalis very caring about anyone that walks in the door... I had been there many times with GingerBear and also for jasmin... they handle our precious ones and talk to them like they were their own...they really care....and I as always say Thank You to everyone at The Rainbow Bridge for over 4 years of help...I owe so much to you....I'm attatching the last pictures of GingerBear taken ...a few in here and a few in my truck before I left for Metzgers' wed. morning 9-13-2007.... she looked so good that morning as you'll see......Nanc & GingerBear...


We thought of you with love today.
But that is nothing new.
We thought about you yesterday.
And days before that too.

We think of you in silence.
We often speak your name.
Now all we have is memories.
And your picture in a frame.

Your memory is our keepsake.
With which we'll never part.
God has you in his keeping.
We have you in our heart.

Author: Unknown

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