Rainbow Bridge March 1, 2006

Good-Bye My Sweet  Espresso

Your love so absolute &  unconditional,
Not even once did it ever  slightly sway,
Even today as I held you while  you died,
On this bitterly cold and very  dark day,

I knew eventually it would  happen,
This horrid day would come to  be,
When I'd have to say  Good-Bye,
And would be forced to set you  free,

I only did because I loved  you,
That's the only way I  could,
I had to keep my  promise,
Whatever you needed done, I  would,

I promised to not be  selfish,
To always give you a quality  life,
And I kept my word to you  today,
Though it hurts as much as  a searing knife,

You were more than a mere  pet,
You were my perfect little  boy,
My precious and bestest  baby,
Not just a poodle they called a  toy,

So very many times you  comforted me,
Thousands of my tears you'd  lick dry,
Or you'd put your head upon my  lap,
And just give me a little  sigh,

You always greeted me with  excitement,
No matter how long I'd been  away,
Even a short trip to the  mailbox,
Would be like I'd been gone an  entire day,

For so many years you were part  of my life,
Through everything I could  count on you,
Even when the world had turned  it's back,
Your love was always  true,

Friends have come and  gone,
Men too were here, then no  more,
But you were always a  constant,
As they came in and out the  door,

Many do not  comprehend,
How my love for you was so  strong,
They think only other humans  worthy,
But I know that they are  wrong,

My house though full feels  empty,
My heart shattered & aching  with pain,
For so many years you were here  everyday,
Now I'll never ever see you  again,

Never will you again greet me  at the door,
Or touch your cold wet nose to  my face,
No more tail wags and happy  barks,
There will be just ashes in a  vase,

I miss you so much my little  Spressie,
It physically hurts when I  think of you,
But a promise is a  promise,
And I did what I promised I'd  do,

I will absolutely endure this  pain,
Because it kept you pain  free,
I hope you knew how much I  loved you,
Because unconditional love is  what you gave me,

For My Espresso, I love  you!

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