..Dakota has her angel wings....

Angel Dakota
July 4th weekend 1995 I was taking a listing on a house. When I got home there was a fox looking creature in my bedroom. My husband had found her in the middle of the street. Later I saw a flyer from her owners reporting her lost.  I checked out where they lived and found out they kept this 5 pound pommie OUTSIDE in a huge dog house and never brought her inside. Also this was not the first time she had gotten out. We decided she was not going back there!!

 The tiny ball of fluff became Dakota. She was so sweet everyone called  her princess powderpuff. As it turned out being the smallest she was also the loudest and "talked" alot. She was a very picky eater and her favorite thing to eat was turkey. I used to put her on a raft in the pool and she would float around. Whenever I was washing the floor (hands and knees) I was on her level and she would follow me and play. She loved her squeaky toys and hung out with her brother Dallas. After Dallas lost his sight Dakota took over his job of chasing the cats when they ran by playing. She was so loving and sweet . For those who don't know,she wouldn't eat and the vet removed her teeth because they were bad, her heart was enlarged. She survived the surgery but we lost her 3 days later. When we rescued her she was 3 and when she left us she was 12. I still miss my Kota so much it hurts. She was such a fluff baby.

Debbie Wright

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