My Dahlia has her angel wings . . . . 

Angel Dahlia!
 Rainbow Bridge 
October 2nd, 2005


I was cast down from the heavens
To help you along your way.
My mission was simple... to care, to love and to protect you in every way.
My four paws provided balance
My face provided hope
My heart filled with love
And my warm fur to provide you security from the cold.
We grew to love one another as few will ever know.
In simple silence we would share that which volumes of books stow.
Our time together, though at times difficult and strained, were the best times of my live
And I will always cherish them just the same.
Looking down from this wonderful place I remain loyal to you. 
I watch over your daily events and protect you from afar.
In your memories I hope you feel fondly of me too. 
For I have always been your faithful dog and friend...

I love you

Dahlia was born in April 1, 1992.
Dahlia was diagnosed with diabetes in the year 2003
Dahlia had cataract surgery in July of 2004
Dahlia received her angel wings on October 2nd, 2005.

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