My Cheyenne has her angel wings . . . . 

Angel Cheyenne
Born September 3, 1995
Diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus April 15, 2003
Rainbow Bridge on May 16, 2007 

I just wanted to let you know that I helped Cheyenne cross over today.  Her
glucose levels have been crazy for a couple weeks, she stopped eating a week ago, and had developed a cough that wasn't going away.  She was ready.  I don't know if it was the diabetes (4 years), the terminal bladder cancer (almost 4 months) or the medicines to help her....  My heart is breaking but I know she is better now... no more shots or tests or pills or powders...  I don't know when I will be able to talk about it so if I don't, it is because I can't.
Hug your babies.... Thanks for all the support....



They haven't really been taken away.
They have only gone with the Angels to play.
They have been given wings with which to fly.
All their troubles have passed them by.

Their life in heaven now must start.
But we'll hold their memory in our hearts.
Nothing about them will be forgotten.
But now they sleep on billowy clouds of cotton.

Picture Tutorial of taking Blood from a Callus!
Cheyenne's Mom too these pictures for the website to help others.
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Cheyenne's Midi Player

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