My Cain has his angel wings . . . . 

Angel Cain
Rainbow Bridge on August 10, 2007 
Cain went to the bridge 8/10/07 surrounded by people who loved him.  
He would have been 13 on 8/11/07. 
I was in Denver when he chose to make his final journey. 
I believe he waited until I left because it was easier
for him to let go without me home. 
I believe in the wisdom of his decision and the bond we shared.  
I got to say good bye on the phone, he knew I was there.  
Cain encompassed every part of my heart and I will miss him terribly.  
Cain, here is my promise to you my big Sir....

I Take You With Me 
Melissa Etheridge

  Past the devil's own temptation
 Beyond where angels sleep
 To the holy invocation
 Of a neon city street
 I feel your hand
 I hold you
 Through your eyes I see
 My love, wherever I go
 I take you with me

 Down the road of my desires
 To the oceans of my peace
 Through the fueling of my fires
 Until my yearnings cease
 I hear your voice
 I know you
 In your arms I sleep
 My love, wherever I go
 I take you with me

 Even though I've fed my hunger
 Even though I've named my fear
 I'll never understand it
 How the journey led me here
 But I have made a promise
 That I intend to keep
 My love, wherever you go
 I take you with me

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