Rainbow Bridge Memorial

Rainbow Bridge
 Thu, 19 Jun 2003
This morning at 10:30, Brenna began her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. 
She was surrounded by family and friends. She received and gave many 
kisses. She so wanted to be happy and to feel good, but that was not to 
be. She was having difficulty standing and she could not keep anything down.

She fell asleep in my arms with her small head resting on my shoulder. I 
could feel her soft warm breath on my cheek as she slept. I breathed in 
her fragrance and buried my face in her soft silver fur. I told her how 
much I loved her, how much I would miss her, and what a joy she was to me.

Then, Dr. Linda through her tears lovingly sent Brenna home. She told 
her how much she loved her and that she wished she could do more.  When 
Brenna had stopped breathing, I wrapped her small body into her favorite 
blanket and carried her out to Dr. Linda's van.  I placed her in a 
basket and closed the lid. Then Dr. Linda and I both cried and hugged. 
We knew we did everything we could, but it doesn't take the pain away

Our Brenna is  now whole. With her sight and health restored, she  is 
running and playing with all her Rainbow friends. Including all those 
hammie brothers and sisters know she is happy and free.

Brenna's time with me was to short. But in those three years she showed 
me  how much strength and courage  one little dog could have. I was very 
blessed to share this time with her. In those three years, she was very 
happy and so loved by  my family and friends. Oh I wanted to have more 
time with her, but  her spirit was willing, but the flesh wasn't.

The house is so empty and quiet. The wind chime was ringing, and I 
thought it was the tags on Brenna's collar. I was at the store, when a 
thunderstorm hit, I ran back to the car thinking that I had to get home, 
because Brenna doesn't like thunder. I sat in the car and cried because 
I remembered she wasn't there.

No more will I feel her small paw patting my face so I will let her 
under the covers. Or the morning kisses as she tries to get me out of 
bed. The morning race to the mailbox to get the paper, the dancing in 
circles and barking when we were going "bye bye" I  took her booster 
seat out of the car. She had left part of a cookie in the seat. My eyes 
filled with tears as I placed the seat on the shelf in the garage.

I crave her warmth, the softness of her fur, and her smell. But no 
matter what I will always remember the Brenna possessed beauty without 
vanity, strength without insolence, courage  without ferocity and all 
the virtues of man without his vices.

Thank you everyone for the beautiful messages and prayers. I will be 
back, I just need a little time to  get back on my feet. But I will keep 
up with all the mail. It is for Brenna that  I plan to stay.  It is 
because of her that I got to know and love all of you.  So thank you 
again, and I will talk to you soon


Another soul has left us
Another Angel born
Another spirit to love and guide us
But yet another heart is torn.

A mother gave a present, a set of Angel's wings,
And Brenna gave her mother, Kris, memories and dreams!

You live well sweet Brenna, spread your wings and soar,
Stand up high on the tallest mountain - wade in the ocean's shore.

Be in health, and be in peace,
Your job here is done,
And may God bless his newest Angel,
For all the battles Angel Brenna won.

© Charls Cain 2003

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