Born sometime prior to 1992 and left us on 4-17-05

Affectionately known as ďthe most irritating dog Iíve ever hadĒ due to his
total zest for life, which he had until the end. He is pictured here in one of his more 
quiet moments, he may have lain still for two minutes, just long enough to capture
the moment.  He was always a challenge, always under foot, always noisy, 
ever by my side, like super glue. 

He was a dumped and abused dog and a vet in the nearby town had tried for
months to find him a home, to no avail. I received a call from a neighbor, who worked 
for this vet at the time, pleading to go take a look as the vet had given up and 
was going to put him down in several hours. The vetís last words to me, after all the 
other negative things he said about this poor soul, was that he didnít think Bingo 
would bond to anyone, ever, due to the abuse.
Two miles outside of Beecher... Bingo moved over towards me, laid down and
put his head on my thigh, and remained that way the rest of the way homeÖ.
and that bond was never broken until he had to move on. 

When all is said and done, I must say, in all honesty, for all the challenges he
brought, daily, he will always remain the dog I most admired, for his spunk, 
his zest for life, his perseverance, his personality, and his love and loyalty. 

His spirit will remain in our hearts as he was, 
when all is said and done, truly loved. 

Jo wrote the following:

For Bingo
I know you miss my cheeky face,
As I lay beside your chair.
But when the wind is sighing
Remember, Iím still there.
Iíll always be beside you
Weíll chase that seagull throngÖ.
And as long as you remember me
I never will be gone

Oh those precious memories....
I had forgotten about this incident until Carolynn and I went through 
photos yesterday. Xmas dinner was over and dessert was about to be 
served when Bingo jumped up with the attitude of "okay, 
I'm ready for dessert now"....just as confident as could be. We'd only
had him but a little while and whoever had him originally failed to 
teach him any manners at all. He was taught that this was 
unacceptable, however, I'm sure everyone will see how
amusing I found the situation......he really thought this was just 
fine.....and he was going to eat too.......

Bingo's First Christmas

These are the first, and last, shoes he ever chewed. 
He got to wear them all day long....one shoe
from each pair so he ruined three pairs of shoes.  He hid all day long, 
behind the stereo speakers, back here in the corner, and any other little
niche he could find because every time I ran into him
it was "what did you do to my shoes...." and on and on....
and I mean all day long too........I do believe
that was the only time I ever got the upper hand.....

Margo:  I'm going to really miss the most irritating mongrel I've every known.....

And he's going to miss the most perfect of earthly homes -- that unlikely,
wonderful place where it was okay to be everything a Bingo had to be --
good, bad and just plain weird.

Sometimes it's the ones that are a little harder to love that work their way
deeper into our hearts.  It's a more complex relationship, and one that
leaves an awful pain when they have to go.

Bless your heart, Margo. 
I'm so grateful Bingo found you, and terribly sorry he had to go.
Love and tears, Jane

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