Rainbow Bridge
September 9, 2003

On Golden Wings
Written for Betsy
Who will always be loved
Jeri LaFlamme

Today, sweet girl you got your wings
You heard the song the Angel sings.

Those big brown eyes so full of love,
Able to see once more from up above.

That great big smile that looked so sweet,
Ready for anyone or anything that you did you meet.

Those soft floppy ears that could hear no more,
Were freed from their deafness as you set soar.

That fluffy golden fur I loved to muss,
Still wafting through the house, clinging to us.

I knew it was time and you did too,
But it's the hardest thing I've had to do.

You took our hearts on this bright autumn day,
But you gave us love we can never repay.

Under the big Oaks your body lays,
With a big stone to speak of your days.

Out of absolute love I set your spirit free,
And on Golden Wings you flew from me.

© by Jeri ©

When as a child, I had a doll.
Betsy was her name.
She was my best friend, my confidant,
Betsy played in all my games.

As I grew into the lady I am,
I had a Betsy once more,
Not just a best friend or confidant,
It was Betsy that I adore.

And now my Betsy,
Has flown high above,
She's now a diamond in the sky
Be well, my Angel Betsy.. from all of us with love.
© by Charls Cain 2003 ©

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