The Rainbow Bridge
This page is dedicated to anyone who ever has lost a pet.
I hope you find comfort in reading these poems!
These are poems that people have sent to Cryssy and she has turned them into ascii art.
She hopes people find comfort in reading them. 
Cryssy spent hours coloring these poems and turning
them into ascii art and I have moved them from to the canine diabetes website with her permission.
Her website was down but is again up and running.

Email Cryssy to tell her how meaningfull these pages are

If  there is a poem on this website and the original
author would like it removed from this site just email me and I will remove it.
Email Judy

 The Rainbow Bridge  When The Time Comes  Message To A Friend
 Special Friend Candy   When Tomorrow Starts Without Me  Remember Our Love
 The Last Battle  Home to Cryssy's  I'm Still Here
 Living Breathing Creatures All  Special Friend
by John Quealy
 Letter From Rainbow Bridge
 God Bless Our Pets  To Rosemary from Loki  Old Dog In A Locket
 Angels In Waiting  The Prayer  In The Candle's Glow
 I Only Wanted You  You Were Here  Love Can Build A Bridge
 Kingdom in the Skies   Remember Queenie  Rainbow Interlude
 Poem for Cats  They Will Not Go Quietly  
 Doggy Door  Goodbye by John Quealy  Treasured Friend
 How Are You Now
by John Torp
 A Letter From Max  Animal Lover
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If only I could hear the patter of your feet once more
Softly walking across the floor