..What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Rachel a year ago with her summer hair.  
I haven't been cutting it that short anymore, because I love 
how she looks long. I just get her cut more often now:)
Rachel was diagnosed in mid June 2007. She is a Flat Coat mix. 
She weighed 59lbs and had lost 18lbs from her Last check up 3 months prior.
Her blood glucose level was 377 at the time, and on her last check up it had been 127.
This Vet put her on 12 units of Humulin R- and said to bring her back in 7 days for more test. (yes, after coming to this website and reading all the info here, I realized I had to change vets:) also the assistant never explained that Rachel needed to eat before a shot, and actually told me to SHAKE, not roll the bottle.  She repeated this even after I brought Rachel back with problems and I learned better. The Vet also said they always use Humulin R.  I found another vet right away:)
When my new Vet called to get her records, they wouldx÷ not fax them or even give them to me.  My new Vet did not want to have to charge me for tests that had just been done, so she spoke to my old Vet personally and was able to get the info needed.
New Vet put Rachel on same units of Humulin NPH, gave Rachel a thorough examination, took tests, and explained about feeding, shots, food, how diabetes works etc.  I also tried the dog food Eukanuba prescription weight controll and Rachel (thank the lord) likes it. I give her 3 1/2 cups a day divided into two meals.  I usually add a 1/2 slice of cheese crumbled up or small piece of chicken to it.
Her last checkup, 4 weeks after diagnosis she was doing well, weight was good, (stayed the same but was whx÷ ere she should be as she had been overweight by almost 20 lbs)but after looking over my urine log, and testing she upped the insulin to 14units.
I use diastix to test urine and am going to get the keto stix today to start testing for ketones.

Thank you,
Connie Martinez

I love this picture, which was taken this past Easter time, when I had all the family home.
From left to right is Shiraz, my daughter's dog, Stevie, my son's dog, 
and Rachel about 18lbs heavier.
Stevie is short for Stevie Wonder because he's black and blind:)
He became blind from an accident and my son and his wife adopted him from a shelter.
His blindness doesn't affect him that badly. He had no problems playing with his cousins:)

And last is Rachel and our Cat family:)

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