Dawn's Version
KitKat takes on a Raccoon
That was Judy's version.. now here is mine..

Judy makes poor  eat worms and caterpillars and 
and such..

and even makes her hunt her own....

She put that feeder there so the birds could laugh at Kit Kat 

as they flew past with all their worms in their beaks... 

so then Kit Kat started eating bird seed 
cause the birds were eating all her worms....
well....the came by and 

was eating Kit Kat's bird seed
and that is why she freaked out!
And anyone who believes the statement..

"Oh I didn't realize when I stuck that bird feeder there it was right at her eye level"
... ahem... 
I have pictures of Judy with a tape measurer 
and laser line things getting it perfect to eye level!!!

(Oh how the horns are gleaming)
(For anyone new here! The preceding is a joke! 
Judy takes excellent care of Kit Kat.. I am just pushing her buttons! )

"If you pick up a starving animal and make them prosperous, 
They will not turn on you; that is the principal difference 
between an animal and a human!!

Raccoon Picture supplied by Judy (Ebony's and Tabitha's Mom)


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