Quincey is a 10 year old Bichon Frise.  His birthday is December 22, 1989.  I have
had him since he was about 7 weeks old, and a ball of fluff.  He is a pretty laid back
kind of guy, with his own mind.  "Come" isn't a word he understands, the old "ignore"
button goes on and he looks at you with those big eyes, and who can get mad. 
He is Mr. personality plus , he does his thing in his own time and on his terms.

He was diagnosed with diabetes in June of 1998,
and by January, 1999 he was totally blind.  He had cataract surgery on July 6th. 
He doesn't see 20/20 but he does see, and gets around great 
and seems to be more regulated since the surgery and doesn't have to
deal with the stress of being blind.  It was worth the cost and more.

His diet is Solid Gold dry dog food, with added veggies, pasta and sometimes rice.
 I also mix in some chicken, liver or ground beef. 
He has homemade cookies for treats. 
He gets Vitamin E, Bilberry and Eyebright, Vitamin C and Vitamin B. 
As well the Yucca powder and garlic sprinkled on his food 
which are made by Solid Gold.

His insulin is Novalin G.E. Lente, 4 units, twice daily.

How diabetes has affected my life-----

Quincey was diagnosed with diabetes just a couple of weeks
after my daughter passed away suddenly with a brain aneurysm. 
It was quite a shock upon shock.  I thought he had a bladder infection, 
imagine my surprise when the Vet said diabetes. He lost about 9 lbs. 
He was a very chubby 26 lbs. and now is about 17lbs.
 Quincey was my daughter's special boy.
She would call and ask if she could take the "fuzzy" for the weekend,
and she would come Friday after work and pick him up, and away he would go,
not a backward glance with her for the weekend.He sat on the passenger's seat
like King Tut.He knew her car when it went down the street and would 
practically turn himself inside out when he saw her. 
So my life now is keeping him as well as I can for her. 
He is doing really well and I know that he has
his own special angel
watching over him and keeping him well, and hopefully that will be for
many more years.  He is a special boy and we love him dearly. 
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