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Of Owners and Their Pets with Diabetes Mellitus


PETER is a Cockapoo, diagnosed diabetic in November 2001 after he emptied his
water dish and had to go outside several times a night for three days in a row.  He
wasn't showing any other symptoms at the time.  Regulation was a long process, 
his vet put him on Humulin L once a day and Hills W/D kibble.  He lost his appetite
and wasn't his cheery self for several months.  He's been doing well since being 
changed to two shots a day, currently 5.5 units each.  

Peter is happy, energetic and playful, people he meets are surprised he is 13 years old
(born September 1990) and diabetic. We try to walk every day and he loves meeting
other dogs, and bounces around inviting them to play. Adding consistent exercise
seems to have been the final key to being generally well regulated.  
Peter quickly refused to eat the W/D kibble and we struggled with appetite and diet 
for a long time.  He hadnít eaten breakfast since he was a puppy, and didnít see
any reason to start. A jar of Beef Baby Food or a scrambled egg was a fairly
reliable last-resort breakfast so he could have his insulin when he refused his 
regular breakfast.  After trying many menu variations and tempting goodies, 
we changed to a diet high in protein and veggies, and low in grains, which 
seems to keep his blood glucose very stable and his appetite good.

Breakfast and dinner
are ½ cup of finely chopped low-glycemic veggies
(such as green beans, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, lima beans, garbanzo beans,
celery, peas, cabbage, tofu, etc) microwaved till just steaming.  
Stir in 1/3 cup of Canidae or Wysong kibble, 
1/4 cup of chopped baked or dried liver, heart or other meat 
and 1 tsp Wysong C-biotic.  
The aroma is surprisingly appetizing, he loves it and hasnít turned down a meal since!
 He also gets a Pet-tab plus, and 250mg Vitamin C each morning.  
Lunch is a smaller portion of veggies & kibble,
and his favorite snacks are more of the same meats.  
After diagnosis, he rapidly went from 32 lbs to 24 lbs, 
and has maintained at 24 lbs on this diet for many months. 

Peter had cataract surgery two years before diabetes.  He had been slowly losing sight
for nearly a year, and was adapting fairly well.  But, it was sad when he couldn't find 
me in the yard and when he ran into a big rock on the beach and bit a hole in his 
tongue.  When he did a belly flop into a ditch I made the appointment for surgery 
evaluation.  Surgery was very successful and he has lens implants. He can catch his
favorite ball again and appears to see as well as ever.
 Everything was normal at his three-year checkup. 

We are forever grateful for the information 
we get from the Rainbow Pet Diabetes Email List 
and the website, 
especially the importance of consistency in food, 
exercise & insulin, which greatly contributed to his regulation.  

Peter and I adore each other 
and I feel very fortunate that he is doing so well with a disease 
that I quickly realized can be very difficult. 

Jeanie & Peter 
Whidbey Island, Washington

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