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Rainbow Bridge-July 3, 2007

In September 2000, 
My husband Gene and I were sitting on our back patio enjoying a beautiful sunny day. 
We noticed a lady (Cheryl) walking 2 poodles and one of them really stuck out!
He was prancing his stuff like you wouldn’t believe and he was such a beautiful, apricot color. 

We remarked about how pretty that boy walked! Cheryl said,
“oh, I’m glad you think he is so pretty, would you like to give him a home?” 

We sat out on the lawn for a couple hours visiting our soon to be pet, though we didn’t know it
at the time.  Peaches and I clicked immediately, so we couldn’t pass up this opportunity. 
At this point we had only been married a few years and were just getting accustomed to 
each other’s ways. But what better time to start our family?

From that day forward Peaches has been the center of our attention and the light of our lives! 
I only wish that we could have raised him from birth – he was about 10 years old when we
adopted him from The Poodle Protection Agency, so we don’t know his birthday.  They had
found him as a stray and he had been in pretty bad shape. Before we adopted him, he 
was neutered, had oral surgery to remove his decayed teeth (he only has 3 left), and was
almost blind in one eye. But other than that he was a very healthy 16-pound boy. 

The Poodle Protection Agency Rep. (Judy) took care of his grooming and vet visits for the first
couple of months.  Peaches would get so excited when Judy would stop by for her weekly visit 
and I remember feeling jealous.  I wondered if he would ever act that way toward me.
Now he is my shadow and he follows me all over the house. 
We don't know why, but Peaches doesn’t bark. When we get home after being away too long,
he squeals with excitement and runs all over the house jumping for joy. 
This is about the only exercise he gets.
We like to show him off and Petco is his favorite place to shop.
He always gets so much attention and he loves it. 
Most people comment that he looks more
like a little lamb than a poodle.

In the beginning, Peaches had very good manners. However, he became spoiled rather quickly 
(not just spoiled, spoiled rotten!). We tried to win his love by giving him table food and
that was our first mistake.
We fed him everything from ice cream (his favorite) to steak.

One day, we noticed a sudden change in his behavior. He began drinking tons of water and urinating all over the house. At first, we scolded him (just a little- he has never had a spanking
from us). I’ll never forget the look in his eyes, as he tee-teed in his bed. He knew he 
was doing wrong – but the poor fellow couldn’t help it. 

We feel partly to blame for his onset of diabetes. 
When he was diagnosed with diabetes July 19, 2001, he weighed around 23 pounds. 
How could we have let this happen? 
Why did we feed him all the wrong things? 
Why did this happen to us? 
He was our pride and joy. 

The vet told us he would die if he didn’t lose weight and get his diabetes under control. Gene and I
were in tears! Peaches had to be hospitalized for one week. At least he had his own private room
where we could visit him. He had a TV, ceiling fan, sofa, rug –what more could you ask for?

Peaches was started on Humulin U, 10 units 1x day, with 1 cup of w/d dry. I thought we were
going to torture this HUNGRY boy.   We achieved our goal with his weight – he dropped from
23 to 15 pounds in just 2 months. Within a six month period, 10 units was increased to 20 units.
However, a 15 lb dog on 20 units per day was asking for trouble. He began having seizures.
I didn’t know about home testing at this point. 

On January 6, 2002 at about midnight, we observed some changes in Peaches’ behavior. He 
went off by himself, and faced the wall with his nose in the corner.  Gene picked him up and put 
him on the bed. Suddenly, Peaches he reared back, stiffened up and his eyes rolled back in his
head. We were in shock, but we tried to remain calm. I ran for the Karo syrup and tried to get
some into his mouth, but couldn’t because he appeared to be choking. He started gasping for air
and appeared to be swallowing his tongue. I put my fingers in his mouth to clear any obstruction
from air (thank GOD he doesn’t have teeth –it was a tight grip). Gene and I prayed and 
comforted him as his condition improved. Although he was 11, we felt it wasn’t his time to go. 

We rushed him to the vet that morning. His bg was only 23. 
The vet said his pancreas might be healing and took him TOTALLY off insulin. 
That lasted for 2 weeks and we were right back at square one… still on Humulin U. 

In April 2002, we moved from Houston to Austin, Texas. Gene was transferred for new job 
and was laid off 6 weeks later. Bad timing - Peaches was having lots of attacks and gained 5 
pounds in a short period of time. He definitely needed medical attention and we couldn’t afford it.

I found the Pet Diabetes Website on August 5, 2002. I sent out a  message and got lots of advice.
Tears of joy were flowing down my cheeks as I read the responses. 
It meant the world to me to know there were so many loving caring people supporting us. 
We owe it all to the Rainbow Email List & Bridgers. Yes, we finally conquered hometesting!

We are proud to announce that Peaches was switched from U to N on Sept. 23, 2002. 
He is not yet regulated, but we are almost there. 

Thank you all – to each and every one of you that helped us financially as well as emotionally. 
Shelly, Gene and Peaches
Austin, TX

Update Saturday, July 19, 2003 7:06 PM
Happy  2 year  'Sugar'versary Peaches
I wanted to take a moment
and wish my Peaches a HAPPY 2 year SUGARVERSARY today! 

As I look back when he was first diagnosed with diabetes, I MUST take a 
moment  and say a very special prayer. (Peaches says really good prayers too, he 
has the form down perfect. His paws touching at the tips directly over his snout 
and then you hear little squeals or sighs and feel his energy. SO CUTE!)
 Peaches struggled his first year because he was on the wrong insulin. I 
don't like thinking of those days much because I start feeling a little guilty 
that I wasn't able to help him more. Heck, I knew NOTHING about diabetes and 
didn't do too much research at first because I thought my vet "knew it all". 
So I like to think of him NOW because he is the TRUE/REAL Peaches that I 
never knew. We adopted him about 1 year prior to his diabetes so I'm not sure how 
happy a life he had prior to meeting us~his REAL Family! The bond we share is 
almost too hard to put into words. (Geez, I wonder what it would be like to 
actually have a baby - own flesh and blood...yikes  tee hee) I never imagined 
feeling the way I do about him. I guess since we have yet to be blessed with 
children, Peaches gets our full 100%

We think he is 13, 
so hopefully he will have many more healthy, happy years to come. 

I guess I better go give Peaches some extra special luv-bug-hugs today. 
He deserves it and MORE. I wish I could give him what he really likes - ice 
cream. But that type tablefood went off the menu once he was diagnosed.
He doesn't mind green bean treats though - just as long as he is getting my 
FULL attention. That is all he would ever ask for.

Shelly & Peaches dd dx 7/19/01

Shelly took pictures taking Peaches blood for home testing
and shared them in order to help others!
 Peaches Getting his Blood Tested!


Update July 22, 2005
I have been so busy that I forgot my Peachy-Pooh's 4th year Sugarversary (3
days ago)..........bad Mommy.

Anyway, Happy 4th Sugarversary Peaches!!

I would have never thought I would see this day, especially after the first year of his diagnosis. My poor boy had so many hypos because he was on the wrong type insulin (Humulin U). That vet told me it was "normal".  Boy was he ever wrong!!  Then I remember when I switched vets all to find out this guy wanted to try the Atkins diet and do away with insulin completely. I'll never forget all the emails from the list warning me to PLEASE switch vets because Peaches would die without insulin. So indeed I did and at that point I started hometesting and became the "Queen of Pricks". hahaha

It was a rocky road there for a while but I thank God each and every day that I never lost faith because I can now say that Peaches is probably the happiest and most regulated I have ever seen him since adopting him 5 years ago. I know deep in my heart that if I hadn't found this list that Peaches would not be here. Thank you ALL for everything you have done to help make this day a celebration. (belated)

Love & Hugs,
Shelly & Peaches (15 yr.,  dd dx 7/19/01)


Update: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 
Subject: [RB] Peaches diabetic 5 Years - wahoo 
Hello to all,

  I am happy to announce my little boy Peaches' 5 years Sugarversary 7/19..... I would have never thought he would live to see this day when he was first diagnosed. It started out pretty rocky......he was on Humulin U for about the first year and had so many seizures. It was the wrong insulin for him - but the vet said it was normal.......yea right. But anyway that's when I found the list and gained so much knowledge and started hometesting. He is now doing better than ever!!!

  I adopted him about 7 years ago and so I'm not really sure his 'true age'. Supposedly he is16 - but he sure doesn't act like it. He is so full of energy and loves to play. I embrace each and every day I have with my boy - like it's forever. He is my soulmate!!

  He also went blind a few years ago and he is also Hypothyroid. His thyroid is under control. And you would never know he is blind. 

  Anyway - I just wanted to share this 'special day' with you. 
  You all are in my thoughts and prayers daily. 

  You can see me and my little boy at:    http://www.caninediabetes.org/peaches.html   and there is also a link within showing how I get blood from Peaches' ear.

  Shelly & Peaches (dd dx 7/19/01)

Peaches Loves His Yum-Yums

Peaches Photo Album

Mom & Dad
aka Gene & Shelly
The PROUD parents
of Peaches!!

Chelsea is my Mom's Pom and 
she loves to eat ice cream. 
Peaches and Chelsea looking 
PRETTY after the groomer 
shaved them....They are 
"Best Buddies"! 

The "before and after" trip
to the groomer.
He seldom gets a 
"poodle cut"... 
He is such a "Snoopy-Butt".

I teach Peaches to dance
and he boy can he put on a show.

Peaches showing off with his ears
- it's one of the many 
ways he communicates
since he does not bark. 
He will do almost anything for a
green bean treat. 
Then of course he 
Thanks me in so many ways.

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