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July  2004

Lil is enjoying her new Forever Home.

In February 2004 Lil was taken in by Diane of an Indiana Beagle Rescue group. She was about 6-8 years old and near death.  With a devoted foster mom caring for Lil, and Lil's determination to live, she sprung back from severe malnutrition, heartworms, and uncontrolled diabetes.  She was adopted by Pat in June 2004 and is taking full advantage of her new home!  

Lil helps herself to the cat food

Here's a photo of Lil climbing to the top of a cat tree to try to get to the food. She has settled in very well and we are working on getting her diabetes under control. She had to have one surgery - there was a possibility of additional mammary cancer but fortunately those tumors turned out to be benign.
She is an absolutely wonderful dog and I am delighted to have her! 

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