Oh Precious Queenie how I wish you were
once again looking up at me from one of 
your favourite spots --- the cool tile floor!

You were always so willing to let me do anything to you.
Even too dress you up as a bride!

Christmas silliness when the hat fell over your face!

 Paws For Reflection
 By R.S.S. Andersen  © copyright 2003

 There are fond memories my friend of crimson red 
 Cast on the sand from the setting sun
 I remember the smile in your eyes and across your face
 As we took our evening runs
 Like a slow motion scene in a classic film
 Images pass with fondness through my mind
 Together we shared the greatest bond
 Two of God's creatures could ever find

 There were times we laid in grassy fields
 And I held you close within my arms
 Weekend journeys to our special place
 Where you spent hours splashing in a murky pond
 You were my friend, my protector, my dearest love
 By my side you stood through thick and thin
 Sometimes at night, I hold my pillow tight
 Wishing you could be here with me once again

 Your clumsy little paws sliding across slippery floors
 Chewed furniture and tattered shoes
 Yelping and barking, endless begging and harping
 Toys from your box that you would carefully choose
 The panic in my eyes, my quick forward lunge
 As you started to squat on the living room rug
 Towels and pillows, ropes and pant legs
 And all the other things you playfully tugged

 Your head rested on my lap hoping for scraps
 During each of the big holiday meals
 Disappearing without a trace,food left in a conspicuous place
 That on more than one occasion you happened to steal 
 Baths were a chore, you clawed at the door
 Suds flew in all directions when you would frantically shake
 Together we would tussle as I used all my muscle
 To towel dry your pitiful face

 Never will I forget, for you were much more than a pet
 Ours was the most rewarding relationship I have ever known
 I dream of another chance to see you playfully prance
 On a beach through the watery foam
 I long to partake in a fetch and possibly a catch 
 To once more experience a "Tug Of War"
 I hope again a day will come 
 When I can see you sliding across slippery floors

 In my heart I believe, this can possibly be
 But I will have to live my life as a person that is kind and true
 I'll have to give others loyalty and unconditional love
 Just like I was always given by you
 I know there is a possibility, that if I do these things
 A chance to be with you I may by God be given
 For as we all know, the way the old story goes
 All good dogs end up going to heaven.

 Make a place for me on the bed my dearest friend

 I'll try to be there soon . . .

 Paws For Reflection - authored and copyrighted
 protected © by R.S.S. Andersen 2003 all rights reserved. 
 Violations of copyright legally pursued for damages and  compensation. 

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 From the bottom of my heart I thank you for helping to
 provide comfort to all owners who have lost a beloved pet. 
 You do not know how deeply your thoughtfulness has touched me. 
 People like you make this world a better place to live in.
 Judy Dick 

Queenie was born in January of 1991
She came to live with us April 11, 1991
She developed diabetes on April 23, 1995
She was entrusted 
into the Hands of God on March 3rd, 2003
Her legacy will continue forever!

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