Nothing is sweeter than a pet with diabetes!
Pet Diabetes 
Educate yourself. 
You are responsible for the daily care of your pet. 
Diabetes in Pets is NOT a Death Sentence!

Eventually, you must have a thorough enough understanding of diabetes so that you can be confident in managing this 
disease instead of fearing it. If your regular vet is unavailable when a minor question arises, you must have 
the confidence to make a decision based on your understanding of diabetes and how it affects your pet.

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Judy Dick started this website in May of 1997 because her Canine Queenie was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus!

Advice given is based on personal experience and is not a substitute for veterinary care. 
Take your pet to the vet and/or consult with your vet before acting on anyone’s advice. 
Find a vet you can work with since diabetes is a complicated disease.

Diabetic Pets Around the World 
Unite In a Common Goal 
To let the world know that Diabetes in Pets is Treatable! 
This Website is Dedicated to that Cause! 

Page added in July of 2008

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