What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Opie was dx 6/26/99. 
Birthday 3/15/92 
Opie was dx 6/26/99.  We have his sister Petri which is his littermate
& his Mom Roseanne neither of which are diabetic.  We hometest & 
Opie is on Ultralente he is regulated thanks to hometesting. 

How has the diagnosis of diabetes in Opie affected your life?
Opie's dx has affected my life by getting me interested in the internet to 
get answers to my questions about feline diabetes.  Prior to dx I was not 
interested in the net.  Opie is one of 37 cats & 5 dogs so we were already 
scheduled people being here every 12 hours is a given.  Also we are not both 
able to go anywhere out of town together so that was not a problem either. 
BTW we have 5 acres.  Jerri 

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