Friends from Around the World!
Through the years many owners have shared pictures 
Of Their Pets with Diabetes Mellitus!
I made collages of these pictures and many go back to the
year 1997 when I set up Queenie's webpage and people would
email me with their pictures and from a support group that
I used to belong too!

Many of these pets are now at the rainbow bridge


Barney in the above collage was owned by Donna Barkow.
Donna started the website www.petdiabetes.orgin 1997
You will also find an email list for diabetic pets
and the canine diabetes messageboard forum at her website!



Tyler in the above collage was owned by Linda Glass
Linda went to heaven on January 15, 2002
She started the blind dog website in order to help other owners who
suddenly found their canine unable to see. She was a very special lady!


Louise and Derek in the above collage are very special to me!!
Louise lives in Australia and came to visit Queenie and my family when
she and her husband Braham was in the states a couple of years ago. 
Now Derek and Queenie are together at the Rainbow Bridge

Muffin in the above collage had diabetes but went to the rainbow bridge
back in December of 1995. Susan has an email list for owners.
In November of 2002, Susan started her own  website for that email list. 

That is me and my beloved Queenie in the above collage.
Back in May of 1997 I started because I wanted to help 
those owners that suddenly found their pet was diagnosed with diabetes. I remember that day like it was yesterday ... wondering if my girl would die!
Queenie lived almost eight years with diabetes so it is NOT a death sentence.
I am also very involved in the Rainbow Pet Diabetes Email list.
At the bottom of this page you will find instructions on how to join
this compassionate, caring group of individuals with diabetic pets.


Scooter in the above collage belonged to Shari. 
Scooter was blind as well as diabetic and Shari developed the 
hoop that Scooter is wearing in the picture to help prevent blind canines
from bumping into items.

Austin was the diabetic feline
of Dr. Rebecca Price.
I owe a special thanks to
Rebecca for helping me with
html coding back in 1997.

Magic is the diabetic feline
that belonged to Jacki.
Jacki started the website to help those
pets in need of financial 
Kerry Meydam has owned
three diabetic Samoyds
Katie, Melody & Sonny
They are now all at the Rainbow Bridge
Kerry helps with the blind dog website
Sissy belonged to Kris Trower.
Kris designed the following website
that I am now the webmaster of
Muffin belonged to Susan Flewelling
Susan owns a pet diabetes email
list that is known by the name of
Muffin. She also has a website.

On the Rainbow list I like to put up individual pages of each pet in order
to include their family members and their story with updates, recipes, etc.
We have found on this email list that emotional support for all aspects 
of the member's life is very important and not just the diabetic pet's life.
If you would like to join our email list or share your story.
 How to join the Rainbow Pet Diabetes Email List!
Email Me---Judy & Angel Queenie --

Many of the Above Pets have Individual stories on the Link below!
  Read Their Diabetic Stories Here

Pet Diabetes is NOT a Death Sentence!


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