Diagnosed in Feb of 2000
Proud Owner Patty Noone, Wind Gap PA

What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Nick is a ten year old Sheltie diagnosed in Feb 2000 with diabetes .
During a  anesthesia check before a tooth cleaning session, we found his liver enzymes were off the chart. More tests revealed he had Cushing's. we treated the Cushing's with anipryl, and he got worse and his fur fell out in handfuls, He had open sores on his back and belly, his pads were nothing but open sores.  We wrapped them in gauze and put baby socks on his feet, I changed these three times a day because of the oozing. we carried him everywhere.We knew he didn't have too much longer to live, so I made him as comfortable as possible and I continued to see the same Vet. She increased his anypril and he got worse and he stumbled threw up and foamed at the mouth and he would stand and swagger back and forth and lick his paws constantly. The Vet thought nothing of this and told me I was over reacting.
I knew in my heart it was the anipryl, so I stopped giving it to him. within days he stooped swaying and drooling. I decided to try another vet in town. 
Heaven sent us to Dr. Leck. he did a full work up and told us His liver was gone. We put him on a radical diet of eggs and vitamin E ,vitamin  A and actigal. (human gal bladder medicine)  with in one month we noticed a great improvement. his pads were still a mess but the licking had stopped. I found a site for the mushing dogs of the Iditarod and used the cream they use on their dogs (. )His feet improved he was able to walk on all soft surfaces.Still tender but the sores were healing. After 4 months  we went for blood work and found his liver was GREAT all blood work was Great with one exception. He had diabetes. He was put on Humulin N 12 units and we don't home test. He goes in for blood work once a month and has been right in the ball park every time . He is more active and playful than he has been in years. We do not treat the Cushing's. 

Nick as a Puppy!

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