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Angel Mork's Warning From Heaven
written by his Mom Debbie Hart!
This Page is dedicated to the Memory of Little Mork forever!
He went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 15, 2003.

*Insulin given without food----KILLS*

I fear he died a horrible death and I wasn't even here to help him or hold him. 
I had gone away for a six day holiday leaving Bill(who is my ex spouse and knows 
Mork really well) in charge and as he had taken care of him and my crew just recently.
I didn't worry too much(big mistake)but I made a few of those as did Bill but the 
ones he made were fatal. He tells me things were going along great and then he ran 
out of food(yeah right like I would leave without making sure that base was covered)
anyway he emptied one bag and for some reason didn't see the other one on
the shelf below or look in the deep freeze for the other 2 containers or call me
to say whasup where the food. He tried to feed him canned but he's on a canned
food strike(that's why I cooked all the damn food)then he gave him a shot anyway,
bad, very bad. He came that night to find Mork had an accident on himself,
he washed him then had Ben(My 16 yr old son) take him out, Ben told him 
he wasn't feeling well and not to give him another shot, well dumdedum did again
anyway, bigger mistake. The tenents called him at midnight to say Mork was
siezuring in the basement, poor little guy and it's at this point that he finally get 
a hold of me. Tells me that Mork wasn't well and what he'd done so I told him
to get some sugar in him and directed him to the container that's been on my kitchen 
counter unused for 5 years, I told him then to make sure he got some food in him
too and to get him to the vet in the am(this was a mistake on my part as I misjudged
how serious his decline was and should've insisted he get to the vet)Bill was hesitant 
to take him as he had no money and I went blank as I had a visa card and I'm sure 
I could've phoned that # in no problem(more mistakes all costly), if he had phoned
me back to say he didn't respond then I would've but I never got that call. When he came at 7 am Mork was in a coma and at that point he got him to my regular vet
here in town and though he worked on him till 2 pm with me making desperate 
calls all day it was just to late and he was too far gone. The vet said he did start 
to come out of it but kept going into siezures so he let him go.
Rest in Peace my little boy
and may your story help prevent another death!
Debbie Hart

Please don't ever give insulin if your dog has not eaten.
Insulin CAN kill!
Deb thank you for sharing your story in the hope that another
pet with diabetes will not suffer the same fate as our Little Angel Mork.

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