What could be sweeter then a feline with diabetes!

Mitsy and Allie
Mitsy was adopted mid-April of 2007 after living at the Humane Society Shelter for close to a year. She's a beautiful calico who came to our house to be a playmate for Allie. Allie being 4 months old and too full of energy for our oldies, Rascal and Snookums.

After getting both girls their shots, Mitsy was to be spayed in May. Allie was done in June because of her age. After that, we noticed that Mitsy started drinking and eating a lot. I was hoping that it was something simple, but no, it was diabetes. We started her on one unit of Lantus a day; then, increased every third day until getting to our present 4 units twice a day. She eats Fancy Feast and W/D dry, and seems happy with that food. Problems is, she's still not regulated at this time. She's been running over 500 for the month of August. She's so good at putting up with all the poking. 

Some more pictures of Mitsy

My name is Mitsy ... what can I do for you?

Mitsy and Allie

Time for a Nap!

I go outside on a harness!

My older sister Rascal

Another older sister named Snookums

My Brother Freddie

We like to play.

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