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Misty was born on 15 April 2007
I was at a very low ebb after losing my beloved Sixty Quid on May 14th to bladder cancer. I think the diabetes had taken its toll on her , she was only 9 yrs old.
We went to the animal shelter and saw this 7 week Jack russell Cross. (the shelter found her in a dog pound and if they hadn't taken her she would have been put to sleep.)  As soon as I saw her she went mad as if she was saying take me please. The owner said other people had looked at her but went and picked another dog. I couldn't resist those pleading eye's lol. She is manic and at 12 weeks old broke her leg playing running in and out of the garden 100 mile per hour lol. She had to have it pinned  and I had to cage her. I still use the cage when I go out  she   chewer)  I miss Sixty very much but Misty put the smile on my face.I have renamed her Misty Mischief because if i ignore she looks for mischief and does things she knows she shouldn't do. i know it won't last for long she will grow out of it lol. She has stolen my heart and everybody who meets her lol. 

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