What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Missy is our precious 20 lb. Cairn Terrier who is Mommy's princess. My 
husband and I bought Missy when she was 4 months old, she is now 13 1/2. She 
has always been a sweet, lovable, little spoiled girl. She has had a few 
problems in her younger years, stomach surgery, biopsy of colon to discover
she has irritable bowel syndrome, torn leg ligament. She handled everything like 
a trooper and has always bounced back quickly, many years have gone by 
and Missy has stayed very healthy till a day I will never forget, March 15th 2001
she woke up in the morning running to her water bowl and that was the beginning, 
she was just drinking alot of water and going P P all the time, I knew right away 
something was wrong,  Missy is not a big water drinker so that was the major 
"WOW" she is drinking alot, so I put her in the car and off to the vet we 
went. Missy's Dr ran alot of blood work panels, checked her eyes, teeth, 
stomach & heart. Dr. said all looked and sounded good and blood panels due 
back the next day and that is when the results will be in. Back home we went, 
well March 16th results were in thats when I thought my heart was torn out of 
me, I heard those words Missy has diabetes.  NO, NOT MY MISSY, why her, well 
I was in total shock I cried and just couldnt believe all what was happening 
to my little furgirl, well my husband said: Rhonda you need to help missy, 
crying is not going to help her you need to listen what the Dr needs to tell 
you and do what you can do for Missy to treat the diabetes not cry (easy to 
say)  well, he was right I needed to get myself together which I did, Missy 
and I were back off to the vets office & I learned how to inject the insulin 
shots, I knew I had no choice, I knew her little life depended on me and I 
was determend to get this illness in control, she started on 8 1/2 units 
2xdaily has had so far 5 curves and is regulated very well with 8 1/2 units 
of Humilin N and her diet is 4 small meals of hills perscription diet W/D 
with a small amount of no fat cottage chesse and her treats are a fiber 
cookie.... How the diabetes has changed my life......well my life has changed 
some what, I don't take anything for granted, I'm blessed everyday with 
sunshine, whether it be rainy or cloudy I know I have sunshine because Missy 
is right by my side. My schedule is around Missy's schedule, I feel very at 
ease being she gets her shots and her feedings at the same time daily. I try 
to look at the good that has come out of all of this with Missy being a 
diabetic, I have met so many wonderful people from all over the world, who we 
all share one thing in common our diabetec fur kids, before I end my story I 
want to thank, Judy for always talking with me in the Java chat, always 
asking me: how is missy today Rhonda? always giving me such encouragement, 
words of wisdom, and always there to help, Judy you are AMAZING. 
also & thank you each & every member of the email group, 
but.............least but not last a big thanks to QUEENIE 
who is a big inspiration to all of us, 6 years with diabetes & going strong. 
God bless Queenie and all our furbabies with many more happy,healthy 
years....... Rhonda & Missy dd  3-01 

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