What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Mazie & Darwin
Here is my life story - my Mommy has to write it for me cause my paws get all the keys mixed up.  I was born in April 1997 to CH Pleasant Pastures  Marble Arch (Archie) and CH Dreamtimes Marble Arch Annie (Annie) I was the  only one in my litter and they didn't think I was going to make it, in fact  the Vet was doing a "C" section cause they thought I was already dead - thus my  name Amazin Mazie.  I was so tiny that I wasn't able to be shown, so my  breeder kept me as a pet.  I was such a vocal little girl, or so they all  said that I had my voice box removed, yes I truly am a handicap doggie - I can't  bark, I make a sound that sounds something like I have a sore throat.  I  don't know that I can't bark, so I just think Darwin is ignoring me - my Mommie  tells me he can't hear!!!  I know he can, but it makes me feel good.
Darwin is my baby brother he was born in March 1998 we have the same  parents and Darwin was one of three he is "officially" named Ch Marble Arch  Antonino.  After his days of being a show dog he was retired and moved to  NC.  In 2003 Janet was looking for an Australian Terrier and found our  breeder who put her in contact with Darwin's owner, she was looking to have him  adopted as she was moving to England for her work and would be traveling around  -- so Janet drove to NC and brought Darwin home to Mother as a birthday gift  from her and her siblings.  As life changes 10 months after Janet's Mother  past away from complication of Colon Cancer - Janet took Darwin and wanted him  to have a companion -- there again a call to the breeder and bang I was reunited  with my baby brother!  Yes, I remembered him when we all met up.
We enjoy our home and our medical condition just make us even more special  to Janet.
I hope I didn't bore you with my story.  Darwin and I are just wild  little doggies, I think I'm crazier than he-that's why my Mommy calls me Crazy  Mazie!

Mazie and Darwin

These two sugar babes are doing well on Vetsulin!!!
Some information about their diabetes!

Yes, from what I have been hearing and reading - Vetsulin doesn't always seem to work, not sure why it was the choice of my VET and why it agreed with my babies, but I am thankful it does.

Darwin is 20 lbs and he gets 9 units 2x a day.  When I took him to be diagnosed his weight was down to 15 lbs.

Mazie is 13 lbs and she gets 5 units 2x day.  When she was diagnosed she was down to 7 pounds.

Both of them started to put weight one as soon as they insulin started.  I never had a problem with them eating - my Vet started me out  with a prescription dog food Purina DCO dry food, both took to the food with no problem and for an added treat with their meal I sometime give them a little boiled chicken or cheese.  My dogs were never picky eaters and thankful  that they like this food.

I started out giving them 1 cup of food in the morning and at night - my goodness they inhaled it and Mazie would get up during the night hungry -the  Vet told me feed her again if she is hungry.  They seemed to have gotten over that. I still give them 1 cup at dinner and 1 cup in the morning, but a lot of times they don't eat it all up.  They will let me know come 6PM if I haven't fed them - I found that SCHEDULE is so important these days.

I don't do any testing at home, my VET never said that I needed to - I often thought I would like to just so I had that comfort zone?  The Vet  said as long as the constant urinating and excessive water drinking is gone down the way side and they are eating that all is fine.

Occasionally when we visit the Vet he does a test and it has always come back to his satisfaction.

Janet , Darwin and Mazie


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