What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

ARf, arf, arf I am a diabetic , a Bichon  Friese and my name is Malibu .Though I am small just 14 pounds I am Mighty Dog.

My friends are both furry and human as I love everyone and not to sound egotistical "everyone loves me". 

My best friends are 2 Havaneses Dexter and Snickers they are two so I am like their big brother as I am 9. Dudley is a 14 year old Beagle who eats and eats and eats  he too is my friend..

My Mom  watches my diet  and I go to nursing homes to visit patients .They love when I jump on their beds and lay my head on them. They pat me and laugh when they turn the tv on. See I grew  up on Arf ,the Dog Video so I like watching tv. When I watch tv I think that all the dogs, elephants and other animals should play with me so I bark and bark. 

Would you believe my Mom takes me outside and I pee in a plastic bowl. She then puts a mask on and she feeds me. Boy that is the best time of the day . Mom cannot stand the smell of the food but boy do I love it, love my walks and love the people on this list as they have helped me so much. 

Bichon hugs to Gail, Joanne and espcially Dawn. Go Steelers, They are my favorite team and I wear their scarves and sweaters. 

See you later 
Malibu Feldman son of Bobi  
and brother of Hubble who went to the rainbowbridge last September 18.


Oh I am so handsome!!

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Page added on September 1, 2007

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