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Information for owners of Canine's with Diabetes Mellitus 
You should consider joining an email list or participate in a message board!
You will find several on the internet supporting diabetes in pets.
Find the forum that suits you best and JOIN one.
Canine Diabetes recommends joining the following email list.

Everything related to diabetes in pets is open to discussion! Including health issues like congestive heart failure, pancreatitis, cushing's disease,etc. because diabetic pets develop other diseases.

This list is about love and caring and coping and helping each other under all circumstances.

The members of the list share what works for their pets based on their own experiences and we encourage each other in deciding what mix is right for their diabetic pet. No diet is set in stone and some pet's require more insulin then others. See how others cope on a daily basis!

We're here to share.  NEVER to accuse any pet parent of "doing it wrong".  There is no right and wrong, only what works best for an individual based on their experience.

Information on how to join the email list.

The following email list is a yahoo group
The members of this group will treat you like family.
As of June 1, 2012 there are over 1,400 members.

It is a Yahoo Group so check it out now by clicking on the above url!!!
The best thing to do is to setup a folder in your email program titled Diabetes and then direct all emails to go to this folder so that your inbox does not become cluttered.

If you have a Yahoo Profile then JOIN our group now

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If you do not have a yahoo profile and want to join
Simply send the following email from your email program. 
Hit send when the following email opens.
Click here to send the email

or open your email program and address a blank email to
leave the subject line blank and do not put anything in the body of the letter
Just hit send and you will receive an email from yahoo with instructions.

If you have any problems joining
Contact Bonnie or Karen
Bonnie's Email:

Karen's Email:
and they can directly add you to the list.

Post message: 
You can only post if you are a member.

If you own a pet diabetes email list or a blog or some kind of message board.
Write a description of your group and how to join the group and send it to me.
Judy Dick 
Email Address:

I will consider adding it to this page in order to help owners of diabetic pets.

If you have a feline with diabetes mellitus.
There is one more website you need to check ou
 and it has the world famous 
 The Feline Diabetes Message Board

Hamsters develop Diabetes Mellitus too so if you need help with your sick hamster
or just want to talk about hamsters then please join our email list.
This list is moderated by one very special lady that rescues hamsters in need...Jane Landis

THE ORIGINAL HAMSTER MAILING LIST. Helping to further the proper care of hamsters through education  and friendship. With help from Experts across the globe.    *Please join us*

To join:
Post message:
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Canine Diabetes Message Board

This message board has been around for a long time and you will find some good information there.
It was started by members from the website 
Some people don't want to do email so this is a very good option to stay connected by reading posts about how owners of diabetic dogs are coping and you do not have to be a member to read the posts.
If you want to participate in the messages then you will have to register.  A lot of owners belong to several lists (email and message boards) Just find a forum you are comfortable with.

This page was updated by Judy Dick on June 1,  2012

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