What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Maggie May
Maggie May [ 6 years old] is the sweetest dog that I have ever had...and I have had 10 different breeds..

She is a Bichon [my first] and was always sweet, loving, loyal, loves people...just the type of dog anyone would want.

She was diagnosed on March 6, 2007....I was shocked..I came home to find her in urine, rushed her to my Vet...and an immediate diagnosis, after her blood sample showed almost 500...WOW! What a shock...I didn't think I could ever give anyone an injection..I had rejected giving myself Forteo [for my Osteoporosis, because it was a daily injection. and now Maggie May...

Well, she is doing beautifully, after many months of her not being controlled [for me meaning she urinated and drank water frequently].

She gets exercise everyday...
She is now on a diet of Hill's W/D 
1/3 can Solid Gold chicken/liver 
plus tbsp. chicken, veggies and brown rice
A great mixture, and she loves it...I make her fresh food and freeze it for a month at a time..defrost and add a little more of a tablespoon to each of meals...
She eats that 2x day and has a mid-day snack of liver treats or chicken treats or something like that...

She's a dream dog....so very precious to me...we look in each others eyes and feel love...never felt like this before with my dog...

As they say: G-d gives you only what you can handle..

Dr. Marlene 


More Pictures of Maggie May

I can touch the top of my nose... can you?

Time for a little nap!

Can I have one little snack before bedtime?

Dr. Marlene holding Maggie May!

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