What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Madelaine Travis, but you can call me Maddie 
because that's what my parents call me.   I am an eight-year 
old white, toy poodle with a little peach color in my ears. 
I used to have more color but you know what age can do to a 
lady's hair.  I love to play with my sponge ball, tease my 
litter-mate brother Pappy and, in general, just drive my 
mistress crazy.  That's because I am cute and I know it, 
especially after I have just been groomed 
(See my picture.  Don't I look grand).

It hasn't all been easy for me, however.  When I was just 
three years old I developed hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, and 
it took some time for me to recover.  That was a long time 
ago, and I was doing well until recently when I suddenly got 
really thirsty and very hungry and also tinkled a lot more 
than usual.  My parents took me to a veterinarian and they 
told us that I had developed diabetes.  It made my Mom real 
sad and my Dad didn't say much but I know he was also pretty 
unhappy about the news.  Now I get insulin shots twice a day 
and have to be watched carefully.  The shots hurt a little, 
but if it gets rid of the hunger and thirst I know it will be worth it. 
Don't worry about me. 
I plan on living a long, poodle life.

Bye Now.

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