What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

On Saturday, July 22, 2006 it will be 7 years since Luke was diagnosed. 
He will be 16 years old in September. 
We got Luke when he was 3 months old.  We had a poodle named Benny that was 7 years old.  When Benny died of heart problems when he was 15, Luke enjoyed being the only dog for a few years.  He accepted Vinney when we got him 4 1/2 years ago and Dusty (Vinney's nephew) two years ago. 

When Luke was 8 years old, I noticed that he was getting me up a lot during the night to go outside and drinking lots of water.  He also seemed to lay around more.  I thought it was because he was getting older.  Then, he also started vomiting.  I took him to a vet that had treated him before.  The vet missed the diagnosis.  He gave him Pepto Bismol for his stomach and gave me a syringe to shoot it down his throat and suggested I add pancake syrup to help it go down.  He also gave him antibiotics and prednisone, which he had given him before.  This was on a Friday.  The next day, my husband said why does he seem worse than he did before he went to the vet.  By Monday Luke was much worse.  My husband loaded him in the car and walked into our present vets' office.  Within 10 minutes they said he is diabetic.  Then I was kicking myself because I didn't see it with the drinking water and peeing.  I was so devastated because I thought it was the end for him, even the vet said 3 years at the most.  I did not think I could do it.  I immediately went home and got on the Internet and found this group.  The vet wanted to keep him for a week to try to regulate him.  They had to give him IVs in the beginning.  They knew he was better when he pulled the IV out.  They let him go home after only 4 days because he was so stressed at being at the vets.  I know that I got most of my knowledge and help from the group. 

Luke started on Lilly Beef and Pork insulin.  When that was discontinued, we switched to NPH which he is still on.  He gets 8 units twice a day.  He eats Eukanuba Optimum Weight Management food.  I add a little chicken, beef, turkey, or cottage cheese to it. 

Luke has had two hypo episodes. 

At nearly 16 years old, Luke still plays with toys and runs to his food bowl at meal time. 

Sharon Byrd, Luke dd, Vinney ndd, & Dusty ndd 

Photos! Photos! And More Photos!

Priceless Family!
Vinney, Sharon holding Luke, Dusty

We are peeking out the window and we see you!
Vinney & Dusty

Vinney & Luke and a priceless cushion!

Vinney sitting up!!
hmmm we think that hand is helping!!

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