Pet Diabetes Presents Stories from Around the World!
Of Owners and Their Pets with Diabetes Mellitus
Jennifer Boyd has two diabetic pets--Lindy and Hobo
Lindy is about 13 years old. 
He's named after Charles Lindbergh.  
My dad brought him to us on his airplane.
 Lindy developed diabetes mellitus in 2000.
 We've had some scares, but he's doing great
now.  When he was first diagnosed,
his glucose soared over 500mg/dl!

Hobo is about 10 years old.  
He's had a very rough go of it this year 
especially.  He's had Rocky Mountain Spotted 
Fever which wasn't positively identified until 
the active phase had passed.  I swear, the dog
had ONE tick on him all year!  I am a stickler
for keeping Frontline on all of my critters 
(10 cats & 6 dogs).  Hobo also had to be
taken off of Rimadyl b/c of his liver. 
He was basically crippled. After several 
acupuncture sessions and a round 
of Doxycycline he seemed to be doing fine.
His liver enzymes returned to normal and 
the RMSF titer stabilized. 
  We started him on Metacam, a new NSAID that's been used in the UK and Canada for 
years with great results.  It helps him tremendously.  Early in Aug. he started drinking a lot of
water and he was having accidents in the house during the night.  He's always been an inside 
dog and he's never had problems.  My first thought was incontinence, so I started him on Proin. 
After a week the condition seemed to be getting worse.  Sure enough, his glucose was hovering 
around 360mg/dl.  He's now at 25u BID and I'm monitoring his glucose with urine strips. 
He goes into the clinic once a week to have it checked more accurately.  
I've worked for a vet for the last 5 years.  When he first diagnosed the cat he didn't think Lindy
would make it very long.  He just didn't have good luck regulating cats.  It was an uphill battle,
but we won!  I also helped my neighbor with her diabetic cat, Morris.  Morris did very well with 
the insulin tx. for several months, but due to other complications he had to be euthanized.  
Needless to say, when Hobo was diagnosed my boss didn't think twice about it.  
He knew that I would fight for Hobo until the very end.
I'll be applying for vet school soon.  I hope that the job will be very rewarding.  
I also have horses and goats.
Name:  "Hobo"
Diagnosed: Aug. 2003
Wt: 105lb
Insulin: Humilin N
# units: right now 16u,
but he's not regulated yet
# inj.: BID
Breed: German Shepherd
Name: "Lindy"
Diagnosed: May 2000
Wt: 15lb
Insulin: Humilin N
# units: 4u
# inj.: SID (at night)
Breed: DLH

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