What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

We just joined the group this month. We live in Nova Scotia, Canada. Kuno is a 12 year old male boxer who was diagnosed diabetic on September 14th. I still remember the 3 other owners in the waiting room when I emerged from the exam room with Kuno and gave them the dx. They were so upset. I was happy as at least diabetes is controllable. He's a 12 year old boxer! A feat in itself, sadly. A boxer who had a terrible life before rescue and is from a pet store (ick). No cancer, no heart issues. He's doing well!

This was most definitely sudden onset as he literally only had changes over 2 days. The attending vet was not my own. He started Kuno on caninsulin right away. I have not had an issue giving injections or drawing blood. About 3 weeks ago, with wonderful advice from this group, I switched Kuno to Novolin N. I saw my own vet a few days later and he is supportive and admits that he's not as fluent in other diabetes treatments as he would like. Kuno is still not regulated yet but his curves are much more level. We're still working on the dose. So, this group is teaching me and I am teaching my vet to help the next patient more.

I also live with 3 other dogs: 

Medusa (6 year old hypothyroid am. bulldog), 

Chimera (4 year old perfect pitbull), 

Phoenix (3 year old messed up bull terrier mix foster) 

and 3 cats: Meadow (7 year old calico dsh), Garry (? year old male maine coon) and Bubbles ( 4 year old messed up freak, hha).

Meadow, Bubbles and Garry

Lee Anne and Kuno


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Page added on October 27, 2007

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