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Rainbow Bridge July 24, 2006

 ~~My Min Pin Kricket~~

 I have had Kricket ever since she was 4 months old.  I had bought her for 
my daughter, but Kricket attached herself to me.  She is 9 years old now. 
She has always been in good doggity health until this last January.  I thought
she just had the flu and not feeling well...but then I noticed she was losing 
alot of weight.  She had been over weight..but now she was down to 11 lbs. 
She was also drinking alot of water and having "lil" accidents in the house 
and not eating hardly anything at all.  So we took her to the vet and they 
ran all kinds of tests on her.  They called that night and told us that she was 
a diabetic and she would be going to have to have 2 shots a day of insulin 
and we would have to watch her diet.  She got to feeling better but we had 
a hard time at first giving her her shots...she hated them and would actually
run and hide when she saw us getting out her syringe.  We knew we had to 
get her adjusted to her shots, so we found a special treat that she dearly loves
and she only gets that special treat after she gets her insulin shot.  Now after
she has eaten her meals she waits around and starts doing the "happy dance"
until she knows that it is almost time for her shot and her *special treat*.

 On March 4th '03 Kricket had a seizure.  Since she had never had seizures
before..I grabbed the karo syrup and rubbed some on her gums thinking she
was having a hypo.  She kept on having seizures..about 2 a day...The vet ran
more tests and put her on valium for her seizures because they knew it wasn't
from her being a diabetic.  Kricket still had her seizures even with the
medication..In fact, she even had one while we was talking to the vet in his 
office.   He changed her medication to phenobarbital and ever since she
hasn't had any more seizures..  :) 

 If you was to see Kricket today you would never know that she has
these medical problems...She is always happy..and I pray she stays that way..
 We have adjusted to her lifestyle..and she is living life to the fullest... 
She's our baby...and she knows it..  :)

Glenn and Barb Kirby
Parents to :
1 Min  Pin.. Kricket,  (dd dx 1/14/03)
2 cats....Tabitha and Herman
2 Cockatiels....Dante and Lady
2 Parakeets.....Sassy and Clinger
1 SunConure.....Rocko
1 Chinchilla....Rascal
and 1 Ferret...Bailey

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Glenn & Barb Kirby

Herman & Tabby


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