What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!

Koogle's Story
12 years ago my then fiance (now hubby!) and I visited a local pet store and fell in love.  She was all the way in the back and the teeniest little thing.  It was August of 1994 and we were getting married in two months.  Just starting out and not looking for another pet (we had two cats already), but something about this little Pomeranian stuck with us.  We visited her at the pet store several times over the next week trying to make up our minds.  

The clincher was when the store owner told us she was tossed out of the litter because she only had three toes on her one paw.  Not show quality so they didn't want her!  Of course we decided there and then that we had to have her.  

Now about that name...when I was younger friends of mine had a big old Golden named Keifer, and a little pommie named Koogles.  They were the cutest pair and the name always stuck with me.  I later learned it was a german term for speedy - exactly what my new puppy
was!  She loved to run and was so fast that once she got out, no one could catch her.  Koogles it was for our new baby.

She's been a beautiful part of our family for the last twelve years.  The cats have adjusted just fine as they are still bigger than she is!  She was diagnosed with diabetes in late January of '06 and lost her vision recently.  It's been a struggle to get her regulated, but I'm blessed to still have her and cherish each day we're given.

I'm attaching another photo of her with her summer'do!

Kristy & Koogs


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