January of 2004

On Monday January 26th, 2004
The vet said I was about six months old and
that I weigh five pounds and one quarter ounce

KitKat was spayed on Monday, January 26th
The black mark in middle of belly is the incision
We were told she could not run loose after the surgery beings it
was just glued shut and beings she refuses to use a litterbox
I did the next best thing.  A LEASH and COLLAR.
KitKat walks on a leash after surgery

Walking looking for a hole

Hole dug having a pee BUT we have to find another spot
to dig another hole to do our other business.
She says same hole doesn't work!! haha

Finishing up...this cat takes a long time to go.

SUCESS!! Burying what I did so one will know I went!

Walking along on my leash just looking for something!

I know we will find a chicken soon MOM!

KitKat with her weasel ball that rolls around on the floor.

Up in the tree looking down going to jump but I just had 
surgery two days ago so Mom is blocking my path while
Dad goes to get the ladder so he can lift me down.

Sharpening my claws so I can leap and pounce on the 
unsuspecting humans in the house at three am.

Look Mom I brough a lizard home.
How sweet... KitKat!

See Mom you play with lizards.
They are a lot of fun ... do you want to try??

lizard is in front of her and about to escape under
the rock in front of her.

I am such a little angel!

It's been a long day Mom I am all tuckered out!!

Update July of 2004 
KitKat is now back in Canada with us and goes to the office every day! 
Here she is in one of the office chairs! 

LOOK at me now!! From starving in Florida and now I have it all! 
This is me on Mom's chair at the office!! 

KitKat on July 21, 2004 
Laying in front of Mom on the desk! 

Update in April of 2005

Ok Mom let us make me a basket of flowers of my very own

Don't worry I am a really good helper Mom

Look Mom what a good job the two of us done

Ok Mom I might as well test them out to make sure they are edible.
Now this is amazing 
This is the basket ten days later

It is just one huge basket of grass now....Just sprayed it with water which she really likes

After all that hard work I need a drink of nice fresh water right from the kitchen tap!
Mom that isn't me on the cupboard that I am not suppose to be on.
Just a figment of your imagination.

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