Monday, January 19, 2004

KitKat aka TarBaby
On Monday January 26th, 2004
The vet said I was about six months old and
that I weigh five pounds and one quarter ounce

Dec 30th the gray and white ball of fur decided to move in after someone tossed
her from a car over a week earlier the neighbors said and they asked me not to
feed her hoping she would move on. We arrive in Florida on Dec 29th . 
Me not feed a hungry animal haha
To make a long story short she has gone from starving and eating whatever offered
to snubbing her nose at the food dish and holding out for something better. 
She likes to sleep in the bed and pounce on unsuspecting moving feet
in the middle of the night.
Still having problems convincing her what a litter box is for beings 
she is used to using the sand outside.

Mom's mobile is on a one acre lot that her and Dad bought back in the eighties.
With like 75 old living oak trees and some orange trees (they don't produce oranges
anymore though) so there is little grass just mostly I guess what one calls sugar sand.
KitKat thinks the outside is to go to the bathroom
and does not want an inside a litter box. 
When we go away we usually find her on the roof of the mobile home when 
we come back beings she races up and down the  trees and can leap to the roof. 
Living oak trees have very long crazy growing sideways branches. 

 I have not had a cat since I was like six years old and then I don't remember our cat 
sleeping in the house only coming in to play and eat then going back to the barn. 
This is a whole new world to me.
haha last night she was on the cupboards. 
As a dog person I never had to worry about food on the cupboard. 
OH how life is changing and I have total new respect for all the cat owners 

She is tiny and can scare me when she grabs my hand with her razor sharp claws and 
pulls it to her mouth and gently bites down on my hand with those razor sharp teeth. 
I keep thinking OH MY is she really going to bite or claw hard.

Jan 12
Well we have spent the last three hours bathing a CAT.

Terry was coating the mobile home with aluminum tar roof coating.
He did not know the cat was outside but thought she was in the house with me.
To make a story short while he was doing it she must of been up the tree by 
the mobile and when i went out the door and called she ran across the entire
wet roof(if she would of waited one hour it would of been dry) When she hit 
the sloped porch tarred part she slidddddddddddddd then hit the brand 
NEW shingles that he just finished putting on yesterday.

We have used penetrating oil,
dish soap
canola oil
shampoo conditioner
to try and remove this from KitKat. I have tar up my clothes where she tried to
climb me when we were washing this poor cat in a pail. I have a lot of respect
though not once did she try to bite me or terry through all of this. I phoned my
vet in Canada and Dr Bob phoned me back and said it should not kill her that
when a cat gets in tar at home that he uses nail polish remover to take it off 
and then rewash her again.

JOY JOY the joy of my KitKat. She has been licking for hours trying to get it off.
She also managed to get it down the side of the mobile as well. She managed to run 
the entire sixty feet of fresh painted tarred roof. h

Judy who has tar in her hair now too
KitKat aka TarBaby 
Here is a picture of her after we removed as much tar as possible

Sleeping curled up after a three hour bath

The brown fur is now gone due to a shaved belly from surgery

Now she goes into heat last wednesday
litter box is still clean after a month she wants outside to do her business ... 
sigh sigh ... any suggestions
NOW the worse thing is I can't let her out a HUGE tomcat is here because 
our darling has gone into heat
They cannot do surgery until Monday (the vet I phoned so I have to suffer with her 
meowing until then and him trying to get to her. The little ho in middle of night is 
walking and laying down on her back playfully and mewing and me yelling
in dark for him to go away.
I drop her off on
Monday January 26, 2004
between eight and eight thirty and then pick her up 
they said between three and three thirty. Cost is dirt cheap beings it is done in conjunction with the spca i think. They told me 25.00 unless she is pregnant or in heat then it is fifty dollars. They will also give her a rabies shot 12.00 and a distemper shot which i forget the price 8.00 or something. No food or drink after midnight sunday.
Oh the joys of KitKat.

KitKat is now feeling better but is confined to going outside on a leash at  night
Pictures will be coming soon of this.

January 28

The little terror is sleeping on the bed right now. 
At three in morning she decided to rip up the newspaper so she must be feeling better.

Still won't use litterbox. 
Goes to door and I put her leash and collar on her and we walk.
AND we can't use the hole we dig for both duties. 
One hole to pee in. 
A different hole to poop in.

Then later in the morning she thought maybe we should hide
behind the bushes and stalk the neighbor's chickens who come in the yard
but she finally did her two duties again and we came back in.


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