A Canine with Diabetes Mellitus
What Could Be Sweeter Than a Diabetic Pet?


Keesha was diagnosed with diabetes September 8, 2003 - just 12 days before the birth of 
my first baby!  She was 7 years old at the time.  I adopted her from a shelter where she 
was on death row;  she was just under one year old.  She's been a wonderful dog.  Toward
the end of the summer 2003, she developed a little rash on her tummy.  The vet treated it with 
a shot of prednisone.  Following the shot, she was drinking a lot of water and urinating 
frequently, often in the house which is just very unusual normally, but I know prednisone
often has this side effect.  Unfortunately, this did not stop, and after noticing a significant 
weight loss (15 pounds) I took her in for some blood work.  

The vet was almost convinced it was diabetes before the blood work, but that along with
some urine samples confirmed it.  We started her on insulin once a day.  Before long, we 
learned once a day would not be enough.  It took several months of weekly (sometimes more)
vet visits to finally get her regulated.  She gets 15 units, twice day with her meals.  She goes
in once a month for blood glucose checks, and has been very stable for the past six months. 
She's very healthy, and has not had any trouble with her eyes.  She's been living with diabetes n
ow for a year and a half.  She's now 9 years old.  


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