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Rainbow Bridge February 9, 2008

This is about Kanga. 
We think she was born on April 1, 1995. 
I picked her or she picked me from the Hanover Humane Society. 
They were at Petsmart.

   July 7, 2000 Kanga was diagnosed with diabetes.
She is now seeing Dr Hylton and the other doctors at Ambassador Animal Hospital. 
She is not quite regulated yet. 
Is up to 15 units Humulin U in the morning and 12 units in the evening. 
Kanga is eating hills w/d dry with 3/4 hills w/d canned food a day. 
She has gone from a pudgy 72 pounds last July
to 54 sleek pounds now up from a low of 50 pounds.

Both eyes now have cataracts and she is blind but adapting.
At home with her now is me, her mom; my husband David 
and 20 year old son Daniel with  his rabbit Putty(a gift from a past girlfriend). 
Visiting often are my daughter Laura, new husband, Anthony and her cat Sarah. 
Both guys in my life, after initial reluctance,
are now helping with shots, etc.  Big relief to have support at home.

Kanga also had hip dysplasia and had both hip sockets removed
when she was 16 months.

How has diabetes changed our lives?
I have become much more disciplined about what I am doing when.  My son has
impressed me by showing a lot of responsibility when he is in charge of her shot. Also
neatness counts with a blind dog - things cannot be left out or open or moved. Kanga 
has been so brave and happy that I have learned a lot from her about facing illness.

Eileen  in Richmond VA

Update December 19, 2002

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all my online friends. 
This is Kanga who was diagnosed with diabetes 7/00 and is doing well. 
Kanga wants to let you know that we have built her a fence 
now so she has much more room to run around than in this picture :). 
Eileen Kanga and Sailor 
Aylett VA 

Update! Update!
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 
Kanga is doing well.  She scared me silly July 5th.  I went to feed her in the morning and could not find her.  Thought she had gotten lost in the woods. After alerting work that I would not be in I finally found her none the worse for wear in a storeroom in the basement.  She had worked her way thru some insulation ; knocked over golf clubs and suitcases and therefore could not get back thru. Usually fireworks have not bothered her but this year they must have.

I have a new grandson too who was born June 21st - his name is Brandon Thomas. Thomas was my dad's name.   I've made 2 trips to Atlanta for work since May - work has been a bear.

The horses and cat are fine. Knock wood.

Kanga is now on 28 units Novolin nph.  She's eating ol roy weight management and 1/4 can of pedigree.  She has cataracts but no complications right now.   After she stopped eating the hills wd, we tried purina one and then she stopped eating that.  Right now I'm just making sure she eats. 

I have to say that without the support I have gotten thru the years with this group Kanga would not be here.  I read about the vetsulin and remember the same types of issues with Humulin U.  Thankfully I switched in time.

Eileen and Kanga (dd dx 7/2000)

Kanga's Photo Album

Sailor & Eileen - October 2002

Kanga's Dad David on Sailor and Mom Eileen holding Sailor

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