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Kacey - Rainbow Bridge - August 6th, 2004
We live in St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada. 
We got Kacey, a mini poodle at age 8 weeks old, he was born  on June 18 1988.
Kacey was diagnosed with diabetes in June of 2000, he regulated quickly
on 6 1/2 units of caninsulin in the morning 8 3/4 units in the evening., he eats more in
the evening,.but,  he was very unco-oporative with the shots, it took 6 months
for him accept the shots. recently he started to kick up a fuss at shot time again. 
We got the BD inject ease, and so far so good. I was told to home test, we tried and tried, but
Kacey just would not bleed. We finally found a spot on his back that bleeds readily, and home 
testing has made managing his diabetes so much easier. He vomited a
lot through out his life, the new vet put him on Medi-Cal, 5 years ago, and he has
not vomited once since then.We have only left Kacey home once, for a test trial shortly
after we got him,,for 20 minutes, when we came home, we found him in the bathroom
hanging from a hook. I had left his collar on. My husband said "No more, home alone"
 so , we have always taken Kacey with us everywhere we go, if he is not wanted, we don't go. 
For special occasions we get a sitter.
Kacey has had cushings since March 1998, and is doing good on Lysodren. 
In June 1998 he had bladder stones removed. Being on a pet-diabetes group,
has kept me from making many mistakes, and I have learned so much, still learning.
Thank-you to everybody

June 18,2003 update
Yep,  yep, I'm 15 to-day

and you know what Mommy and Daddy did to me, they gave me a bath, 
 yeeew,,,they want me to smell nice for my big party , 
hhmmmmm,,,,,,maybe I should not  mind too much,, Coquette, next door 
poodle is coming. You should see the big, cake Daddy just brought in,,, 
good thing I don't like cake,,,,,well,,,,,maybe one bite,,,, and I can 
smell Mom cooking chicken,,,now that I like.

June 19, 2003 update
Kacey was diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago to-day,
Cushings 5.4 years
Adeline and Kacey

June 18, 2004 update
Happy Birthday Kacey

Adeline, Kacey and Patrick
Kacey Update
He is a mini poodle, 16 years old, 4 years with diabetes 
and 6.4 years with  cushings.
Kacey is doing all-right, the problems he had in February have ironed out.
His bone marrow is producing new blood cells, not as big not  as red, 
but he is 39.,normal starts at 38
The thyroid with medication is coming up.
His onset of CCD, is being helped with acupuncture, 
Anipryl and melatonian for any restlessness.
He has a mammoth appetite.
He goes for a 8 block walk or roams the park.
We are having an outdoor  party, we got a big slab cake,
and family, friends and neighbours are going to be cake-eaters to-day.

Adeline Cibik is a very special woman!!

Adeline and Kacey Cibik

The Last Picture of Adeline and Kacey

Kacey's Final Resting Place

Scrapbook Page Made for the Attendees at the Leamington Party

Who is Ricky?
Ricky, her son also had diabetes and may a candle burn in his memory
for all eternity and may all of Adeline's Memories be precious.

Ricky Cibik
Hi Mom!
Baseball in Heaven ©
©by R.S.S. Andersen

Hey Mom do you know they have baseball in heaven?
I pitched for the "Angels" on my first day,
Moses was a bit annoyed, I got caught "stealing"
He said they don't do that here...
Hey Mom did you know they ski in heaven?
We ride atop the tallest clouds
Holding our wings in very close.
We make a swooshing sound
You call it "wind" down there...
Hey Mom do you know they have cable TV here?
I get to watch all the neat stuff I could ever want
They even have the Si-Fi channel
That me and dad always enjoyed so much...
There's pizza to eat all through the day
Man...the girls are all awesome and cute
I wear the coolest Air Jordan's
And I never miss a basket when I shoot.
About the girls...there's no kissing on the first date
thing sorta bothers me...
Hey Mom do you know they have dogs in heaven?
I got one today his name is Jake
He follows me everywhere I go
And likes to lick my face.
So Mom I guess what I am trying to say
Is that things really aren't so bad.
I miss you and the family a lot at times,
I miss they guy stuff I did with Dad...
I do have some good times though...
At night when you fall asleep,
God said I can talk to you in your dreams
So those times I show up and we laugh and play
They are as real as they actually seem
Promise you'll talk back to me okay
(I can hear you when you pray)...
Hey Mom do you know they have baseball in heaven?
Oh that's right I said that before
I hit a homer just a while ago
Abraham and Gabriel came in for a score...
A camera man came close to get my picture
Just like they do for the pro's on TV.
I had the biggest smile you've ever seen
I put my face close to the lens,
It was huge and filled the screen.
Do you know what I said?
Of course you do....
I looked in it and said...
"Hi Mom!"

The reason this poem is so special, 
is because Ricky was an announcer 
for the Baby Blue Jays,
and everytime, the camera was on him, 
he would wave and say "Hi Mom!"

Good Afternoon,

My Name is Russ Andersen and I am the author of the poem "Baseball In Heaven"©

The copyright date of Baseball In Heaven is 1998.

 I  understand the reason for the use of the poem in this situation.
I would request that my name and copyright date be posted with the work along
with this email address. 

I require this information so that people may request my permission for using my work. 

 I will happily grant that permission to you if you agree to these conditions. 
 R.S.S. Andersen

 Who is Russ Andersen - Click Here!

Thank you Russ for allowing the use of this poem on this webpage!
As you can imagine your work has brought much comfort to Adeline & Bernie Cibik

From the picnic where some of the owners of diabetic animals met!
 Check out additional pictures of Kacey here!

Bernie and Adeline have adopted another furchild!
Meet Patrick!!

This is a picture of Patrick before his haircut!

All groomed and looking spiffy for My New Mom & Dad!

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