What could be sweeter then a pet with diabetes!
Monthly Digest?
A monthy feature in the pet diabetes email support group.

A new feature of the email group.
The Monthly Digest.
You cannot subscribe to this ... it is sent to the members of the yahoo pet diabetes email group which you can join.

You have just joined our group and this will help you to know what happened in June of 2008 with some of the members.

The Monthly Digests.
Last month's digest is on the web at this url.
This month's digest url is

A lot of new members joined our group in June.
Pat and Max an eight year old Yorkie
Germaine and Chloe an eleven and half year old daschund
Angie and Shiner (who has been turned into a shelter and Angie is trying to help find him a home)
Cindy and Papucho and min pin who needs to be started on insulin beings dogs are type one.
Ann and Buddy a black lab.
Priscila and Luca a yellow lab
Linda and Sadie a GoldenRetriever/Chow/Lab mix
Kim and Nikki a miniature pinscher.
Bobbie and JD a minature apricot poodle.
Vicki ans Jazz a twelve year old mini schnauzer mix.
Ruby and Pearl 11 year old Jack Russell/Rat Terrier Mix
Joanne and Benji a ten year old Cairn Terrier
Michele and Peeps a 12 year old kittie rescued from a neighbor's barn.
Kim and Fefe a four year old poodle/Shih tzu mix.
Jamie/B.J. and Alex a 10 year old dalmation
Scott/Danita and Kenzie a 7 year old Chocolate Lab
Caryl-Rose and Maxie a 5 year old Poodle/Schnauser Mix
Sherry and Whisper a 5 1/2 year old English Cocker Spaniel
Cynthia and Spanky a 15 year old furbaby
Sherry and King BooBoo a 7 1/2 month old Chihuaha/Dachsund Mix
Beth and Spenser a 11 year old Black Lab
Trish and Iggy a 7 year old Min Poodle
Deb and Alice a 10 year old Min Pin
Carol and Ben a 10 year old furbaby
Raychel and Whipper a 8 year old American Eskimo Dog
Pat and Ceasar a 6 year old Lhasa Apso
Marie and Allie a 15 year old furbaby
Susan and Barkley a 9 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Jill and Bailey a 9 1/2 year old Jack Russell
Sue and Skipper a 7 year old Lhasa Apso
Stacy and Sweet Pea a 9 year old Italian Greyhound
Sharon and Chaps a 7 year old Mini Schnauzer
Vicesaha and Moody a 12 year old Malamute/Lab Mix and Squirt a 15 year old Collie/Golden/Shepard Mix
Lori and a 7 year old Doberman named Ruby

We also have quite a few new members that we do not have information on and we welcome you to our internet family too.

Membership Update
We have 53 new members for the month of June. (A New Record)
Our membership is now up to  512 members.
2585 messages was posted this month in the yahoo group.
The volume of email is high right now due to so many new members with questions.  Remember this is how everyone learns.
Make a folder in your email program and direct the emails to there so that you do not clutter up your inbox.
Mike and me came up with 30 tips of the day.

Group News this Month
We have a lot of new members this month with a lot of questions and by asking these questions and reading the responses we all learn.
Members have been discussing treats for their pets. A lot of members use pure pumpkin as treats and it is also good for additional fiber.
Barb Warf is still trying to find the right dose of lantus for Mitsy and she went lower on one of her tests so we do know lantus is working. Unfortunately Mitsy was also caught eating Snookum's catfood in the night and we hope Barb has come up with a way to prevent this from happening again. We found some very good research articles on lantus in cats.  All cats should be started at only one shot a day when using lantus because in this case study it was shown that nadir occurred fourteen hours after injection. 
From Margo's Email "As you know, I've always been concerned with giving either cats or dogs more than one shot a day of Lantus until you know the full effective duration of this insulin in your pet. If they should get a really long duration of effective action then you always stand the chance of hyperglycemia due to rebound from overlapping action on two shots per day."
Moses had a great vet check. He now has been showing negative on his urine tests and his urine infection finally seems to be under control. Way to go Moses!
We hope that Michele's Sylvia is eating  her food better.
Carolyn gave an update on Blaze and his BG was a little low so either he needs some extra food or a reduction in insulin and she also had concerns about her vet being young and  not having much knowledge about diabetes but as long as the vet is willing to learn and receive input on information that you find then everything will work out. I used to print up articles and take to my vet and he always thanked me and said now I have some reading material when I am having my coffee today.  He in turn would print articles he found for me to read. How is Blaze's BG doing Carolyn?
Eileen gave a good reminder that though urine is an alternative way to test for glucose that the ideal way is to blood test because unfortunately urine cannot tell us if the pet is going too low. A belated welcome to Eileen and her diabetic dog Mildred to the group.  She also has a diabetic cat named Bobby. Bonnie has been very busy with her Mom so missed posting about Eileen until June.
If a urine test shows negative for glucose this means that the dog/cat is somewhere below renal threshold.
Renal Threshold: Blood glucose concentration above which glucose leaks into urine. Usually from 180 to 220 (in metric 10 to 11) in canines . Lee said even as high as 250.
Danielle is hometesting Gracie and bought a one touch ultra mini at a good price.  Her numbers are still a little high and we hope they are now coming down.
Sharon informed us about a Timberwolf food recall. Thanks Sharon.
Sammee had a great curve but seems to be panting a lot. Hope Sammee is doing better. I had to have a small portable fan for Queenie because she too was always panting and it set on the coffee table blowing where she slept making it much easier for her.
Michaela has a good handle on Tasha's diabetes now. Way to go Michaela.
Jill ended up in emergency and is unable to drive so we hope she is feeling better and that she has found a way to get Belinda to her appointments. She is urine testing and the tests are just showing trace/small amount of BG so that is really good news.
Lee has adopted another diabetic dog "Sammy". Sammy was turned into a shelter because of diabetes and Lee the wonderful person that she is has adopted Sammy.
Kathyrn has returned from Canada. Welcome back Kathyrn. How is Dakota?
Barb Warf is still trying to regulate Mitsy her diabetic kitty.
Kim had some questions about needle size. It was explained that the higher the guage the smaller the needle.  They also come in different lengths.
We will have some future tips of the day on needles with pictures.
Ann's Jack is very hungry and this is because when a diabetic is not regulated...they are literally starving and this will change.
Jo's Buffy celebrated her fourth sugarversary on June 10th.  Way to go Buffy!
Leslie's irish setter Wilson had a possible hypoglycemic attack and we do hope that he has not had any more.
Connie's Darby is having his insulin readjusted as he went too low and so is Ann's Tugger who also had a tummy bug and Phoebe did not eat her breakfast one morning.
The advice is if your pet does not eat then you only give 1/3 to 1/2 dose of insulin and I would stick to the low end myself at only giving 1/3 of the dose.
You only give the full dose of insulin if your pet eats all of his food.
Bill's Mackie cut his foot on vacation and had to wear his cataract cone for awhile so he was real happy when his foot healed. Mackie has to get his cataracts rechecked in August so we will be looking forward to the report of good news.
Mike's Andee had to go back on insulin for a couple of shots because when Mike was on vacation the automatic feeder failed and Andee got to eat all that he wanted...proving that consistency is important...same amount of food and same amount of insulin to achieve regulation.  Mike got Andee back on track and he is once again off of insulin so we will keep our fingers crossed that this continues.
Lee Anne told us that Medusa's blood glucose has been running low since the loss of her furry sibling Kuno.
Kim joined our group with her min pin Nikki who does not like receiving shots and all the family is hiding when it is time for the shot but her husband Mike surprised her by appearing in heavy leather gloves to hold Nikki for the shot.
You can see Nikki's new webpage here http://www.caninediabetes.org/nikki.html
Maggie Mae's hip joint went out of socket and we do hope she has recovered and is feeling better Dr. Marlene.
We had some questions about vaccinations and have some past members input at this url.
Eileen was having Mil's thyroid retested and I do not remember hearing the results?
Annette's Wilson celebrated eight years being a diabetic on June the 20th. Way to go Wilson!
Steve's Rocco had to have surgery  to have an absessed tooth removed and we do hope that he has recovered.
Linda's Jasmine is suffering from arthritis.  Sometimes Linda we have to use drugs that might have side effects and I myself did use metacam on my Queenie. We have to weigh all the information and then make a decision with our vet on what is the best way to proceed.
Susan has concerns over Chester's sight. Susan most members have found that dogs adjust very well to being blind so we hope that Chester too will adjust if he does lost his sight totally. We have a great page of tips on the website about this subject.  http://www.caninediabetes.org/blinddogs.html
Vicesaha posted  Moody the pin cushion's partial curve but Margo would like to see night readings done next to see if there is a low before the morning reading.
Danielle's Gracie's Blood Glucose is dropping due to thyroid meds and she will likely need a lower daily dose of insulin.

Some of the following topics were discussed and owner's shared what they did.

Margo on Exercise
Exercise is a two-edged sword; it can lower blood glucose and under some circumstances drive that same blood glucose too high. First off, exercise does lower glucose and sometimes it lowers it way too far resulting in true hypoglycemia (less than 70) and rebound hyperglycemia could result. The second way that bg can be driven up is through what is called glucogenesis ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gluconeogenesis ) and I learned about this one first hand with our Alex. I had always been warned not to exercise if my sugars were over 250 or I would drive my sugars higher. It wasn't until he came down with diabetes and the vet recommended exercise that I dealt more in depth with this subject. I exercised him and his sugars skyrocketed. I tested, he did not drop low but his sugars went to the moon.....humm.....so here it is in a simplified version: If there is not enough insulin available to move glucose into cells for energy, which can be the case in a newly diagnosed diabetic or one who is showing ketones, then the body will dumped stored glucose in an effort to gain energy. Of course, if the problem is due to not enough insulin, the sugars go higher and the diabetic still does not get energy because the glucose just keeps building up in the bloodstream.
I would recommend keeping the exercise mild at first, until you know what your dog does with it. Always take along Karo and some form of protein should they pull a low. If you do home bg testing I sure would test pre-exercise and again afterwards so you know what you're dealing with. Here is a simplified explanation:

Margo's Tip on Diet
A high fiber diet helps to slow down glucose metabolism, and it will usually prevent a huge blood glucose spike.

Question to the Group.
How do you collect urine?
Some suggestions from the group for Connie:
Get a 1"x1" 4 ft. long stick and staple a plastic cup or paper cup to the> stick and then let the dog out and follow the dog and then when it squats place the cup under dog reaching with the stick and collect the urine. My vet taught me how to do this and it> works great. just replace with paper cups. Try it works great!
A lot of members use soup ladles and paper cups, bowls, etc.
Some members just stick the strip in the urine when the animal is going or in the puddle left and then count the seconds and then read the results.
Here is a couple of pages on urine testing found on the websites.

Judy's Url Suggestion this month.
Print out the list of emergency questions and take them to your vet and have him fill in the answers.

Words of Wisdom from Eileen
Consistency is very, very important in the regulation of a diabetic dog as the insulin works WITH the caloric content of the meal, this is why it is a MUST to find one particular food or combination of food and stick with just that day in and day out with basically no variation, as explained previously the constant hunger is due to lack of regulation, you can not give into it and feed constantly as you will have a hard time in regulating your dog and in ever getting past it,in most cases it is best to only feed 2 meals a day, fed BEFORE the injection of insulin as it is not a good idea to give the insulin and then hope that they will eat and keep it down, if they decide to turn their noses up at their food and you've already given the shot you obviously can not take it back and they can easily experience a hypo episode, "posted to the group by Eileen"

Q: Are there any vitamin or mineral supplements that will reduce my dog's dependence on insulin? 
A: No. Dogs generally have type 1 diabetes. Their pancreas produces no insulin at all, so they need insulin injections in order to survive. If you believe that your dog needs a vitamin or mineral supplement, discuss it with your veterinarian first to make sure that the supplement does not interfere with the action of the dog's other medications.Vitamins and minerals cannot replace the action of insulin. If you give your dog vitamin supplements, you still need to give it insulin injections. 

Some Recommended Treats
Foods low on the glycemic index so blood glucose does not spike.
Foods such as raw vegetables: broccoli, green beans, other raw green vegetables 
or frozen vegetables (Queenie liked them frozen especially in the hot summer heat)
Pumpkin is good as a fiber and as a treat (the pure pumpkin in a can and froze into teaspoon size pieces)
Dehydrated chicken or beef strips.(recipe on the website)

Home Cooking and Quality Food Recommendations:
This month we will be looking at a grain free food made by Natura Pet food Company. www.naturapet.com . 
Although this comes in both dog and cat varieties this month we will be looking at the dog version.This food is low in carbohydrates and high in protein.
It also comes in several varieties for dogs.
The Original in both large and small breed dry at 12% carbs and 42% protein.
Original Canned at 1.01% carbs and 12% protein.
EVO Red Meat Dry for both large and small breed at 15% carbs and 42% protein.Reduced Fat Dry at 9% carbs and 52% protein.
There is also a line of canned 95% meat which runs less than 1% carbs and 7.5% to 10% protein.
It comes in Beef,Chicken and Turkey,Duck,Rabbit and Venison flavors. 
The dog treats run 12% carbs and 47% protein.
If you would like more information on these foods please visit the website above or contact Mike at smithmj@clearwire.net or by a post to the group as I can give you their complete nutritional information also.

From Judy: What to expect from an email group:
It is a place where members can share the medical treatment of their diabetic pets and a place where one can share what happens on a daily basis in the life of a diabetic pet. Sometimes you are going to feel like everyone is doing something different and that maybe your way is wrong. I continue stress if it is not broken do not fix it and I again just posted what Lee our vet tech said.  Being angry with others though is not going to help.  You must learn to absorb the knowledge and this will enable you to ask your vet questions if your pet is not regulated.  You as a diabetic owner should take an active part in the care of your pet.  Knowledge is an asset!!

from LC 
"I'm a newbie here, and this is my observation.  There are a WORLD of folks with lots and lots of knowledge who are long time members of this list.  They are very generous with their time and information and experience. I have a vet I trust very much.  I plan to use my vet's advice, and the advice of the list members, and make my own decisions, based on what seems reasonable to me.  I think vets are human beings who are failable.  So are we all here.  I love and appreciate the passion with which the list members offer their experience. 
It's still up to me to make decisions for my dog."

Barbara Farmer has the exact right words for new members:
"From what I can tell, and from what I experienced, panic is perfectly normal at the beginning. With the support of this wonderful group, I think you will be able to overcome this."

This month we had five who am I emails.
We do a new member every Monday
June 2- Colleen and Sam
June 9- Michele and Sylvia
June 16- Stacy and Angels Gretchen and Hanna
June 23 - Nancy and Jaeger
June 30 - Connie and Buster

If you missed them you can read them on the who am I webpage

Bonnie reminded us that June 5th would of been Keishi's 16th birthday. I am sure there was a fabulous birthday party at the Bridge with a lot of our angel pets enjoying the celebration.
Joy's Vandy turned 14 on June 26th. And she had a great checkup at the vet's too.
Connie's Buster turned 14 on June 29th.

Sue who lost her beloved cat Hondo around midnight on June 2.
Susan lost her beloved Lacy on June 4th. 
Eileen lost her barn cat to lightning. Pumpkin on June 14th
Leanne lost her beloved Lucy on June 19th
Steph found a little kitten on her porch that had to be put down.  Little One may you find happiness for all of eternity.
Kate lost her beloved Ed on June 27th
Dottie reminded us that five years ago on June 30th she lost her beloved Oliver. 

I Am Not There 
Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there. I do not sleep. 
I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow. 
I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn's rain. 
When you awaken in the morning's hush, 
I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight. 
I am the soft stars that shine at night. 
Do not stand at my grave and cry; 
I am not there: I did not die. 

Some memorial pages were added to the website.
Susan's Lacey
Kevin's Jenny
Leanne's Lucy

To see all the Memorial Pages

Monthly Reminders
If you don't have the handy reference url sheet that Bonnie put together please ask for it because this sheet contains pages that will answer a lot of your questions. These pages were put on the websites to help answer basic questions.
For those members who want more chat we have an off topic group where we share crazy information, pictures and just plain nonsense.
We encourage our members to join this group if they want to post off topic subjects.
Anyone from the groups are welcome to join. 
This group helps to keep our diabetes pet group more on topic and at a more acceptable amount of daily postings.
Not everyone wants off topic chat and that way we have a happy medium for all the groups.

Our group will continue to strive to be the best on the net and do the little extras that in my opinion makes us the best.
Daily Tips
Weekly Who am I Email...introducing a member and their pet (some are angels, some have been here a long time and some are brand new)
A new monthly digest that will try to cover some of the main events from the month. We try to cover the group news and apologize to something that we missed.
A silly weekly pet horoscope for no reason except to maybe make someone smile for the weekend and is kind of a weekly reminder that we have an off topic chat group. 

We own two websites on the internet that contain a wealth of information.
We have a huge addition of webpages added to our websites. 
Donna has added her backed up copy of all the webpages that were found at www.petdiabetes.org
to our website and this is the new url for those pages.

Remember we have two email groups.  If you find the volume of emails too high right now we can switch you to the rainbow group that only averages five to ten emails a day.
If you want to be featured in a Who am I Email, Have your diabetic pet's story posted to the website, Have a memorial page made for your Angel Pet or If you have any suggestions for a weekly or monthly feature about something that you think would make the group better then send Judy an email with your idea. Her email is queenie@mnsi.net

If you want something researched for the daily tips contact Mike smithmj@clearwire.net

We are not vets and each post is the opinion of the poster and we take no responsibilities for their opinions. Take your pet to the vet and find a vet that you can work with.  This list is for sharing opinions and support. 


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