What could be sweeter then a pet with diabetes!
Monthly Digest?
A monthy feature in the pet diabetes email support group.

A new feature of the email group.
The Monthly Digest.
You cannot subscribe to this ... it is sent to the members of the yahoo pet diabetes email group which you can join.

Special thanks to Bonnie for doing the July-August Digest and most of the September Digest.

The Monthly Digest.
Previous month's digest are on the web at this url.

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Membership Update for July and August
At the end of June we had 512 members
As of the end of August we have 588 members 
The volume of email is high right now due to so many new members with questions.  Remember this is how everyone learns.
Make a folder in your email program and direct the emails to there so that you do not clutter up your inbox. Please join our otchat group for sharing non-diabetic related posts!
New Members that responded to our questionnaire:
Denise and Punkin                 (11yr old Bichon Frise)
Jennifer and Tucker and Misty     (Tucker &Misty are both rescues kitties – est. age 14 yrs)
Alise and Gryffin                 (5 yr old Cavalier King Charles spaniel)
June and Aqua                     (8 yr old Airedale)
Andrew and Lily Pearl             (10 yr old Maltese rescue)
Kelly and Moose                   (4 yr old Beagle/Bassett mix)
Sue and Roscoe                    (2 yr old Pittypoo)
Selena and Sissy                  (9 yr old Stafford bull terrier)
Marie and Allie                   (11 yr old dog)
Kay and Petey                     (9 yr old Toy Poodle)
Wendy and Rosco                   (12 yr old Lab)
Michelle and Shelby               (12 yr old Lab)
Astrid and Ruby                   (12 yr old Lab)
Jane and Rusty                    (16 yr old Mini Poodle)
Billie Jo and Buddy               (8 yr old Blue Heeler)
Dale and Jenny                    (10 yr old Pug)
Kelly and Nikki                   (8 yr old Rotti/Shepard)
Louise and Chico                  (rescue Samoyed)
Janette and Zach                  (8 yr old cross breed)
Marsha and Aaron and Ty           (both are Italian Greyhounds & Aaron is 9 and Ty is 10)
Wendy and Mishka                  (9 yr old Border Collie)
Phyllis and Maximus               (12 yr old Dachshund rescue)
Sally and Frankie                 (10 yr old Pug)
SuzAnne and Buddy                 (11 yr old West Highland terrier)
Reena and Gizmo                   (12 yr old Shih Tzu)
Adela and Nala and Simba          (12 yr old crossbreeds)
Julie and Caesar                  (9 yr old Rotti/Shepard/wolf mix)
Kim and Bailey                           (13 yr old cat)
Stephanie and Chico            11 Shepard mix)
Patty and Indy                    (10 yr old Bichon Frise)
Andres and Kaya                   (11 yr old Greyhound)
Sandra and Katie                  (9 yr old pet)
Vicki and Alfred                  (8 yr old Mini-Schnauzer)
Janet and Aslan                   (12 yr old cat)
Cher and Nikki                    (10 yr old Doberman)
Yvonne and Ollie                  (11 yr old Yorkie)
Jean and Princess Issa            (9 yr old Maltese)
Sharon and Benny                  (6 yr old Spaniel rescue)
Kelly and Domino                  (Dalmatian) 
Tina and Tazi                     (7 yr old Salukin)
Cheryl and Maxie                  (13 yr old Sheltie)
Gary and Aspen                    (cat)
Jamie and Hilly                   (11 yr old Mini-Schnauzer rescue)
Grace and Sydney                  (11 yr old Blue Heeler)
Kristen and Pixel                 (6 yr old Lab)
Roger and Addie                   (11 yr old Retriever)
Beth and Bailey                   (9 yr old Lab/Spaniel mix)
Linda and Cody                    (4 yr old Greyhound)
Michelle and Willow               (5 yr old Lab/Beagle mix)
June and Bennie                   (10 yr old Chihuahua)
Pat and Pookie                    (10 yr old Westie rescue)
Adele and Tara                    (11 yr old American Eskimo)
Mia and Cinnamon                  (5 yr old Cavalier King spaniel)
Linda and Prince Michi Dermot     (7 yr old cat)
Hani and Edwardi                  (8 yr old ? yorkie/silky? Rescue)
Kim and Lady                      (8r old sheltie mix rescue)
We also have quite a few new members that we do not have information on and we welcome you to our internet family. We encourage you to send in your questionnaire forms to Bonnie.
At some point in time, you may have a question and this information helps us help you that much faster.
Lily Pearl    sadly, Andrew was rescuing Lily and she did not get to stay with him
Maxi          owner Barbara
Misty         owner Estelle
Louie         owner Danna
Savannah   owner Kris
CC            owner Elizabeth
Toby          owner Jenny Sutherland’s non-diabetic brother to Angel Conan
Mojo          owner Jacky
Gigi            owner Cathy’s non-diabetic rescue 
Meesha      owner Janet
Daisy         owner Sheri
Folly         owner Jo’s non diabetic  
Steve celebrated Rocco’s 14th birthday July 4th
Wilson had eye surgery in July and Annette has let us know her is recovering
Sheila let us know that Tiffany’s brother Timmy has been diagnosed with diabetes also
Margo became very ill in July and was hospitalized. After a long, much needed rest, she re-joined us this past August!
Kris Horn has been sharing her many beautiful projects for the upcoming fair. Good luck Kris!
After many days in the hospital, Iggy has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. 
Per Angela, Shriner the rescue dog that we’ve all been praying for, finally got his forever home with a nurse and her 6 yr old daughter!!
Jo and her entire down under clan celebrated Katie’s (non-dx) 17th birthday!
Vicesasha asked us to help her celebrate Squirt’s 15th birthday. Yeah Squirt!
July 21st we all helped celebrate Mitsy’s 1st Sugarversary with Barb!
After many days & nights of editing & merging and editing by Karen, Judy and Bonnie finished the new web page and URL reference guide. 
The Vetsulin recommended dosage guide was updated after Judy discovered that Intervet had made a dramatic change in their dosage recommendation. All of our sites were alerted to the change.
We had a big scare in August after Judy’s Kit Kat became very ill. It is suspected that she nibbled on catnip that may have been sprayed with pesticide. After too many days of worry, Kit Kat came home and is on the mend.
We have a few members that are trying the Zoe Pet Jet. Judy has asked them to keep us posted on how well they are doing using this
The August AKC Gazette has an article titled “Diabetic and Thriving”. Judy Dick, Margo Hupe and Lee Blomquist are quoted in the article. 
Judy took her feral kitty Orange Cat to the vet for shots and to be neutered. Her hope was to be able to bring him into their home. Orange Cat was diagnosed with FIV, so sadly, Judy could not bring him home and risk KitKat’s health. 
Trish had a memorial for Sami’s (non-dx) 2nd anniversary at the bridge
Shelley’s Peaches left to join her friends  one year ago this past July
It was 5 years ago Dottie said goodbye to her precious Pumpkin
Lee and all her diabetic pets
Bonnie and Keisha
Judy and Angel Queenie
Andrea and Kaya
Karen and Loki
Nancy and Angel GingerBear
If you missed them you can read them on the who am I webpage
Monthly Reminders
For those members who want more chat we have an off topic group where we share crazy information, pictures and just plain nonsense.
We encourage our members to join this group if they want to post off topic subjects. Anyone from the groups are welcome to join. 
This group helps to keep our diabetes pet group more on topic and at a   more acceptable amount of daily postings. Not everyone wants off topic chat and that way we have a happy medium for all the groups.
Remember we have two websites:

 If you find the volume of emails too high right now we can switch you to the rainbow group that only average five to ten emails a month.
      If you want to be featured in a Who am I Email, 
      Have your diabetic pet's story posted to the website, 
      Have a memorial page made for your Angel Pet or
      If you have any suggestions for a weekly or monthly feature about something that you think would make the group better 
      then send Judy an email with your idea.
If you know of a URL that you think should be added to this reference list or, know of a bad link on our url guide please send an email to Bonnie or Judy 
Judy's Email: queenie@mnsi.net 
Bonnie's Email: biovine@comcast.net 
**   All urls submitted to us will be researched by us before being added to the website
We are not vets and each post is the opinion of the poster and we take no responsibilities for their opinions. Take your pet to the vet and find a vet that you can work with.  This list is for sharing opinions and support. 

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