Mom Mom where are you?????
Please get off of Mirc..........
I want roast beef............
(to see the original picture of this go to bottom of the page)

The following are some pictures from Florida in February, 2000!
Queenie and all of her slaves!

Judy and Queenie                 Terry and Queenie
                                 .    Queenie going for taco bell pizza!

Grandma & Queen   Queen too lazy too walk!

Julie and the Queen!

Queenie laying on the picnic table!
Is food coming soon Mom?

No room left for Queenie in the van on way home from Florida!
We all bought too much stuff!

Ok Mom take me out of the tree this is no longer funny!

Do not ever put me on a slide again!

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This is the original picture that was used to make the Judy and Queenie
picture at the top of this page.  The image was created in photoshop 5.5.
Raven, a special friend I met on Mirc used this picture and made the
Judy and Queenie Picture at the top.  Thanks Raven :))
This picture was take in November of 1999.