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Rainbow Bridge December 8, 2005

 "My name is Jordi, and I'm Kathy's little boy. I'm a 10-year-old Bichon 
Frise & I live in Toronto, Canada. When I was 7 weeks old mom found me, 
having to choose between my brother & me. I was sitting nicely & listening 
carefully, and my brother was chewing on her shoelace. She asked, so which 
one of you guys is Jordi? and I piped up  Awoo. I even surprised myself, 
cause I hadn't said that before! Everyone said, Well I guess this is him! 
and that's how I found my mom & all my other friends & family.

I weighed 3 pounds then, & now I weigh 25 pounds. I'm long for a Bichon 
mom calls me the stretch model. My face is expressive, I know about 50 
words, I'm very social & smart. What can I say, I'm wonderful! Mom says I 
have an overly healthy self-esteem!

Before I get into my health challenges, I want to thank all the others in my 
life who are great friends & caretakers. In the fellow canine category 
there's of course my best friend in the whole wide world, Rocket, a 
Dauchand. Also there's another Bichon named Keisha, who adores me, plus 
Barkley & his feline friends who are fun to boss around. My human buddies 
include Uncle Ian, mom's best friend & Rocket's dad. There's Nana, Aunties 
Lara, Lorri, Justine & Claudine, plus Uncles Dale, Chris & Colin. I'm lucky 
to have such a big & loving family!

Health wise, I've always been prone to bladder stones & had these surgically 
removed 3 times in my life. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, 
which is easily treated with Eltroxin twice a day. But my really big health 
problems started in November 2001 when I started to drinking water, 
urinating frequently & losing weight. My regular vet diagnosed diabetes but 
he mustn't have known much about diabetes as he only had mom give me 1 shot 
of Caninsulin insulin a day.

By February 2002 I was extremely sick with diarrhea & vomiting & I could 
barely walk. My regular vet diagnosed Cushing's disease & prescribed 
Anipryl. Anipryl didn't work; I got sicker & went into Ketoacidosis, which 
my regular vet wrongly said was probably fatal. He further devastated my mom 
& everyone else when he inaccurately said that my Cushing's disease as due 
to cancer.

Finally, with the urging of Uncle Ian, mom asked for a referral to a 
specialist, & a wonderful Internal Medicine Specialist named Dr. Alan Norris 
came into my life. When Dr. Norris met me I was half my normal weight & I 
could no longer walk. But Dr. Norris asked me to walk in my assessment & I 
struggled with all my might to show him I could go a few steps & I told him 
with my eyes please don't let me die. Uncle Ian thought I was still alive 
at this point because of my will to survive. Dr. Norris said I could recover 
from Ketoacidosis, felt there was only a slim chance my Cushing's was due to 
cancer, & thought that with some intensive care & tests I might not die.

So I stayed at a ritzy & expensive vet hospital for several days. I came out 
of Ketoacidosis, got changed to Humulin NPH Insulin twice a day & responded 
nicely to Lysodren for Cushing's disease. It was confirmed that my Cushing's 
was actually due to a benign or non-cancerous brain tumour. My mom  decided 
then that I would never go back to my old vet again. Soon I went home & I 
was so happy to put my head down on my lawn & see Rocket & my toys again!

I continued to recover but having not been regulated for my diabetes for a 
long time I suddenly lost my vision due to cataracts over a weekend in March 
2002. Mom & I both sat & cried. I decided after moping for a few days that I 
wanted to enjoy some moments in life still. So mom & I spent a couple of 
intense days together working on new commands- mom said she became my 
"seeing eye person". These were our main new commands that we learned:
"wait" or "careful" if I was going to bump into something, so I would slow 
down and know something was coming
"step up" if there was a step up coming like a sidewalk curb
"step down" if there was a step down coming like a step down to a road

Mom watched me over her shoulder when we walked, & I followed behind 
listening for the sound of her feet- it helped when she wore noisy shoes. I 
remember a neighbor's sweet boy asking about what happened to me, & mom 
explained, well Jordi can't see anymore. The boy thought this over & said, 
"well dogs can already smell & hear much better than people can, so I think 
once he learns to use his other senses even better he should manage just 
fine". Smart kid- he was right!

Mom was told if I could see anything it was probably in dim light- so she 
closed the blinds during the day & tried to walk me at twilight or at night. 
It was my idea to modify our playtime of fetch- I threw a squeaky toy with
my mouth a few feet & mom got it & threw it back near my feet. I could hear 
& feel the toy & would find it & toss it again for mom, etc. I was pleased 
to get the human doing the fetching for a change! Mom didn't move any 
furniture & I would zigzag across a room to get somewhere. I preferred going 
on the same very familiar small walk around our house but I would go farther 
if Rocket & Uncle Ian lead the way. Rocket knew I couldn't see & he would 
lead me & wait for me. When we went visiting, baby gates were put up so I 
wouldn't fall down the stairs.

Six months later we explored having one or both of my cataracts removed as 
by then the Cushing's & diabetes were managed. My Opthamologist is Dr. Joe 
Wolfer. I could only have one cataract removed because the left cataract had 
"crumpled" & was inoperable. Dr. Wolfer successfully removed my right 
cataract in surgery on August 19, 2002. After surgery I wore a head cone 24 
hours a day for 2 weeks & wasn't to play for 4 weeks. I needed eye drops 
several times a day before & after surgery, but today I need drops just 
twice daily.

After eye surgery I was quite disoriented, but gradually calmed down. Mom 
remembers I would sit & look out at the world with an expression of 
wonderment on my face. I would often stop during walks & just sit and look 
at a tree or a house or me with my head tilted. I also became like a puppy 

In early 2003 my mom finally found the Rainbow Pet Diabetes Email List. She 
is thankful for the great information, support & friendship she receives 
from this list of other parents.

Earlier this year I became extremely sick with diarrhea & was diagnosed with 
Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD). I now take Tylosen twice a day to manage 
this. Lately I've been feeling better than I have in years.

Mom figures she's spent about $18000.00 on my health care in the last 1-= 
years. She knows it sure isn't about the money but about wanting to give me 
every chance to be as healthy & happy as possible. I can assure you I love 
my life, & especially enjoy spending time with friends & family, taking very 
good care of my precious toys & snuggling with my mom.

Please email my mom/spokeshuman if you have any questions or comments. 
Thank you very much for reading my story. 
Your Friend, Jordi"

Here is a picture of My Mom Kathy

Jordi came to Leamington for a visit in 2004

Fun was had by all at the Leamington Gathering.
Well Kinda!
Better not ask KitKat about her cousin Jordi.

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