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Jaegar - Mini-schnauzer Black/White 
Born: 9/3/97
Weight: 23 pounds
Diagnosed Diabetic 2/13/98 at the age of five months
Humulin N 100 insulin
3 units am and 2 units pm
The diagnosis of diabetes was quite a surprise.
We did not think it was a death sentence because I work for a doctor
who treats diabetics and the complications it can cause and I was aware
it is a treatable disease.  Our life style has changed in that we do not go on 
any trips without Jaegar and his sister Jewell.  We tried to board them but 
Jaegar would not eat and we shortened a vacation because we were so
worried about him.  We decided at that point that his health was a priority.
They go everywhere with us now and we have had a good time with them.
They travel very well and all our family has been very understanding of
our situation.  We do the things we want to do just do them around
Jaegar's schedule.  We have given up a few things but would not trade
anything for the love and precious times we are having with our boy Jaegar.
He and his sister have been a give of love at a time when we needed it and
plan on having them many years to come. 
We are happy to share our babies with you.
Nancy Boozer

Wednesday, September 03, 2003 9:45 AM
Today is Jaeger(dd dx 2/98) and Jewell's birthday. They are 6 years old !
It does not seem like six years. They are still our babies.  For new members,
they are Mini-schnauzers, brother and sister, 
Jaeger was diagnosed at 5 months of age.

Jaeger is doing well. His latest back problem (pinched nerve) is better.
When is is too active, like when I come back from shopping, working in the
yard, etc. he and his sister go crazy jumping, barking like I have been gone
for years and it may have only been a few minutes; he still acts like his
back bothers him so I keep him as quite as possible for a while and he does
better. I will NOT put him back on prednisone. That stuff raised his bg too
much ( 500s) and I can not chance his overall health. The Vet said he agreed
and to keep an eye on him. If he gets worse we would find a plan B.

Their special treat for the day is boiled chicken livers, YUM !!!, and lots
and lots of hugs and kisses.

I love them so much.

Today is the 3rd anniversary of my Dad's crossing over . I still miss him
everyday. So today is a happy day and a sad day for our family.

Blessings and Hugs

Nancy, Jaeger(dd dx 2/98) and Jewell

Jaegar's Family Photo Album

Gary and Nancy
Jaegar and Jewell 1999

Jaegar & Jewell


Update  Fri, 2 Sep 2005 

Today, September 3, 2005, 
is Jaegar and his sister Jewell's 8th birthday.

Jaegar has been diabetic since he was 5 months old.  We have done everything possible to keep him healthy and happy. Finding the people on this list was one of the best things that could have happened to us. I am still learning from other's experiences because you can never have enough information about diabetes.

Jaegar is currently on 7 units of Humulin N BID. The beginning of this year he was getting 4 units BID but because of higher BG readings. The Vet and I gradually increased his insulin. His numbers stabilized at 7 units BID.  I spot test his BG at home. He has yearly check-ups with his Vet, who we love. They are fed home cooked meals and treats. Jaeger and Jewell eat meals consisting of rice, boiled chicken, vegetables, oatmeal, parsley, parmesan cheese and garlic powder. We do our best to stay on a schedule everyday. Consistency in my opinion is a key to good regulation. We get up at 6:00am,  walk 1 1/2 mile every morning (except if it is raining or snowing), breakfast is between 6:45am and 7:00am. Jaegar gets his insulin after his meal. Jaeger will get a treat (all natural) mid day if he has been very active as he loves to be outside and bark at everything. Between 4:30pm and 5:30pm we walk for about a mile to a mile and a half depending on the weather. 

Two years ago we found the most wonderful babysitter for Jewell and Jaegar.  "Aunt Mary" has a pet sitting business and is just the best. She stays at our house when we go out of town and takes care of the kids. She keeps to our schedule and treats Jewell and Jaegar as if they were hers. 

Jaegar, over the past eight years, has had two bouts of pancreatitis , a pinched nerve in his back ( I said he was active ) and a scratch on his eye. There are no signs of cataracts and all of his blood work to date has been in the normal range. 

We have been blessed to have Jaegar and his sister Jewell in our lives. They are smart, sweet, stubborn, beautiful, special, entertaining and the loves of our lives. People who met them can't believe they are 8 yrs old because they are so active and don't act like senior citizens.

We cherish every day with them and look forward to many more years with them. 

Nancy and Gary Boozer

Jewell what a sweet girl!

Jaegar what a wonderful diabetic boy!
The Love of our Lives!

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