A Star is Born!
The Ladies stare at Jeffy in Awe!

Rainbow Bridge December 2002

What could be sweeter then a diabetic pet?

Hi Everyone:
    Please meet Jeffy, star of the Menagerie.
He is a 10 lb. Miniature Pinscher. 
Jeffy was diagnosed with diabetes in September 1991.
He was just 3 years old, and they told my husband and me
that he might live 2 to 3 years.  Dean and I cried for days; 
we just love him so very much. Then, we decided to 
do whatever we had to do to keep Jeffy healthy. 
I went to the library, the bookstores, the pharmacy.
I talked to diabetic friends. I was essentially alone with this
for 6  1/2 years.  We reset our lives for this little guy. 
Even after we adopted his 'crew' the greyhounds, 
(we already had the cats),what we do and when we do revolves 
around Jeffy. He was diagnosed with Cushing's disease 4 years ago, 
and we treat that also. After I found an email list,about 2 years ago,
my sanity returned. There were actually other people out there going through this too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!! I am sorry to say that
many people do not understand out devotion and willingness 
to spend huge amount of time and money on our furkids. 
Who cares?????  Jeffy has been well regulated until this week, 
when he had a severe bout of pancreatitis. I am happy to say,
that after a very big scare, he is going to be fine.
    Jeffy had given us so much love and joy, even the vets tell us what a 
sweetie pie he is. No matter how much he is poked, prodded, handled, 
bothered, he never loses his great disposition. Ever!
Jeffy runs our house, which is no mean feat! 
    When we travel, people hardly ever remember Dean or me, 
but they always remember Jeffy!! Every year, when we go to Florida, 
we go to Fleamasters, a huge flea market in Fort Myers.
After being there about 10 minutes we start hearing "Jeffy!, Jeffy!
you came back!!!!!!" Vendors are running up and down 
the aisles to find us!!!!!!! My husband always asks me how come
they always remember Jeffy but never know OUR names?
I keep telling him it is because Jeffy is a whole lot better looking
and sweeter than we are!!!!!! The best part of this story is that
you are not supposed to take pets into the Fleamarket!!!! 
The first time we went, we did not know this, and they said 
since he was so well-behaved he could stay.
    Having a diabetic pet teaches you many things:
1)   you are smarter than you thought you were
2)    you are more capable than you thought you were
3)   you are stronger than you thought you were
4)   you are more compassionate than you thought you were
5)   and, above all, capable of unconditional love, 
just like your  beloved pet
Anything that comes out of owning a diabetic pet 
can only enrich your lives!!!! 
    We do not regret one dollar or one second of the time
we devote to Jeffy. 
 The rewards are indescribable!!
    Most of the credit for Jeffy's longevity goes to Jeffy and his capability 
of adjusting to whatever happens.......He is one remarkable Min-Pin!!! 
      Jeffy has given us so much more than we have given him........
            Thank you Jeffy-doll!!!!!!!! We love you!!!!!!! 

Sharon and the Menagerie
Sometimes, the fingerprint of God is a paw.............
Adopt a Greyhound; everyone's a winner!
Feathers are beautiful, and very, very precious.

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