What could be sweeter then a canine with diabetes!
On a cold & windy night, in Jan. of 1993, during an ice storm, we drove to Newtown, PA to answer a newspaper ad for Yorkie Poo puppies. We were there because friends & family who had seen the ad had called the day before - they knew we missed our beloved 6 1/2 year old Yorkie Poo, Paisley, lost in a tragic accident a month or so earlier.

We saw so many cute little furballs, about 7 weeks old, but none of them stood a chance against Jasper. She just kept pushing the other puppies out of the way to get to us. In the end, she chose us with her love and happiness.  When we picked her up, she was a little shy, but as we drove away with her wrapped in a blankie, she jumped up & gave my husband a kiss, and we knew it would all be ok.  We weren't trying to 'replace' our Paisley, who was a little black doggie... By giving love to another little creature, we found a wonderful way to remember the good things about loving a dog & a way to heal our hearts. Because she came into our lives to make us happy again, we've always referred to Jasper as our 'Angel Doggie'.

Japser has always been an important part of our family, with all of us involved... During the first few puppy months, my wonderful mother-in-law puppy-sat for her while we were at work. Jasper is always part of any family portrait (or most pictures for that matter!). She's a world-class traveler, coming along for weekends at the family beach house in Rhode Island, and to our buddy's house in the Pocono Mountains, to name just a few destinations. She absolutely loves her family & extended family, & loves to visit her Grand mommies & Auntie & Uncles...even the times when she's stayed without us for an overnight visit. She knows she will usually be spoiled! 

She's loves to show off when friends and family come for a visit, especially when the guests are her big sister Julia, or other kids.

She's earned several nicknames over the years: 
'Muppers', or 'Mupp', comes from the little floppy Muppet Show doggie that used to bop across the stage, since Jasper loves to skip or dance across the room when she's happy... Her dances usually entail her favorite treat, pupperonies...which brings us to her 2nd nickname, 'Pupperonie', a name our friends gave her. Upon receiving her favorite treat, she literally prances across the room, flips her treat up in the air, checks to see if anyone's still watching, & rolls all over it on her back! What a riot! Oh, & then she eats it of course!

The last five years I've been able to work at home full time & Jasper has been my constant companion - the best coworker I've ever had. She takes very seriously her job of letting me know when the mail or delivery person comes. She also makes sure the squirrels at the bird feeder know who's boss!

Jasper is now almost 12 years old, & was diagnosed with Diabetes in August of 2005.  It's been a difficult time for us all, but we're doing our best to get her regulated & feeling better.  It really shows when she's feeling good.

She hates the injections, but we're trying to work it all out, & as her Daddy points out, right after the shot, she's looking for her treat!  She's adjusted well to her new diet of chicken chunks or all natural treats, and she still gets a pupperonie once in a while.

She's also having a little heart trouble, which many older dogs get. It was found at the same time her diabetes was found. She's being treated for that as well, & should be fine if we keep a close eye on things. She's been feeling better & is playing with her favorite toy again, Squirrel Pony (see pic), & has even taken up kayaking (with a little doggie life vest on), sitting right in front of Mommy & enjoying the water ride.

Thank goodness for all of the help & support from the Rainbowbridge & Canine Diabetes network of wonderful, caring people, who have been here for us at a very difficult & scary time...You are all truly Angels on earth, & I'll never be able to thank you enough...you've helped us more than you'll ever know.

Very grateful,

Tracey, Marc & fuzzy hugs & kisses from Jasper... 

(aka Muppers, Pupperonie & Lambchop...her newest nickname!)

Pictures from Jasper's Scrapbook

The Beautiful Jasper!
   Jasper at the Age of One
When I look at My Mom, Tracey
with eyes filled with love,
she gives me anything that 
I bark for!
      From the files of Nasa!
My Mom, Tracey,
holding her very special girl, Jasper!
This is My Daddy "Marc" holding me!

Our Family!
p.s. Of course I am in the middle!

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